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30 May 1984, Glasgow
5' 8"
Laura Pearson-Smith was born on 30th May 1984 in Scotland. She went to university and achieved a BA Honours in English, Theatre & Performance. She spent her first two years of university at The University of Glasgow, and the last two years of her degree at The University of Strathclyde. She also had 5 years of acting training at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland's (then RSAMD) Junior Academy, and did a post-graduate voice course there also. She has also had host of other training as an actress. During university, Laura was able to work consistently as an actress, and in TV & film production - working in the AD department on films such as 'The Da Vinci Code' and 'Harry Potter', for example. Laura also spent time in production on 'Coronation Street', and children's TV channel 'Nickelodeon'; amongst many others. She also worked regularly as a Script Reader for television and film production companies and broadcasters. After graduating from university, Laura continued to work as an actress e.g. in a Channel 4 commercial, and in TV & film. She has also done numerous voiceovers for radio and commercials. For a couple of years post-graduation, she also continued to work in TV & film production, on films like 'Doomsday' and 'Stone of Destiny', in positions such as Assistant Production Coordinator and Assistant Director. She also continued to work as a Drama Script Reader and Script Editor. Through her work as an actress and as a regular on the Glasgow & London 'social scene', Laura also had her own fashion column in 2008 in 5 Scottish regional newspapers. Now (as of 2012), Laura is a working actress and voiceover artist. She has left the world of TV & film production behind her. She is also now the founder and editor of Twinkle Style & Travel Magazine; an online fashion, beauty & luxury travel magazine; and a freelance fashion, beauty, travel and lifestyle writer. She also gives expert quotes and fashion, beauty and travel tips for publications due to her profile; and she is also a contributor to the Huffington Post; where you can read her opinions on the various topics of the week.
Twinkle Communications Ltd

-   'Malcolm Smith' (12 December 2009 - present)

-   (2011) Radio Teesdale- Voiceover

-   (2012) Disney Radio Show & Podcast 'The Minnie Minxes'- Presenter

-   (June 2009) Coatbridge, North Lanarkshire

-   "Roughcuts (Scottish Screen)" (UK), June 2008, "'Next Time Ned'"

-   "The Glasgow South & Eastwood Extra" (UK), 22 May 2008, "'Hollywood Comes To Mearns'"

-   "Southside News" (UK), 11 July 2007, pg. 13, by: Laura Pearson, "Glasgow Style Counsel (Fashion Column)"

-   "Westend News" (UK), 1 July 2007, pg. 17, by: Laura Pearson, "Glasgow Style Counsel (Fashion Column)"

-   "IdeasFactory" (UK), 29 March 2004, by: Laura Pearson, "The Reel Way In...First-footing Your Way To TV and Film Industry Fame"

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