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Award winning Filmmaker, Composer, Photographer and Designer Craig Anthony Perkins began as a musician at the age of four and became interested in filmmaking at a very early age as well. In the past Craig has worked in both a creative and technical capacity within the entertainment industry for companies such as Philips Media, Universal Interactive Studios and AVID, doing everything from video game design and film post production, to sound design, composing and technical writing. Under his own company Genshi Media Group, he has released several albums on the iTunes Music Store, has had his photography published in magazines and exhibited in galleries, and has designed indie art toys including the much sought-after Broken Heart Robot which has led to talks with two TV networks for consideration as an animated series based on his toy character. Now, Craig is delving full time into filmmaking as a Director, utilizing his various skills and experience from the past. In 2011, his first short film "Remembrance (a Ghost Story)", shot entirely on the iPhone 4, won 2nd Place Grand Prize at the first annual iPhone Film Festival. He was then invited to shoot and premier an exclusive film for the 2012 Macworld/iWorld Expo in San Francisco, California. The resulting film, entitled "Isobel & The Witch Queen", premiered on the main stage of the expo for a crowd of several hundred people as part of the iPhone Filmmakers/Director's talks. In the Spring of 2012 his third short film "The Haunting at Danford Cabin", and first filmed as a stop-motion animation, won Best Animation as well as Grand Prize Best Overall Film at the 2012 iPhone Film Festival.
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-   Is a multi-instrumentalist starting on drums at the age of 4, guitar at the age of 8, and bass and keyboards at the age of 13.

-   Is an accomplished, published and gallery exhibited photographer.

-   Is an internationally acclaimed toy designer with his indie art toy the Broken Heart Robot.

-   Was briefly a fashion model in the mid 1980s.

-   Use to perform as a magician from an early age to help fund his musical instrument collection and is still a member of the Society Of American Magicians organization.

-   (2006) "Broken Heart Robot" vinyl art toy - Designer/Producer

-   (2002) "Get Tech" TV commercial for U.S. Department of Commerce - Composer

-   "Advanced Photoshop" (UK), 15 March 2010, Iss. 67, pg. 94-95, "So you want to be Vinyl toy designer"

-   "Wonkavision" (USA), 22 October 2006, Iss. 35, pg. 59-64, by: Julia Kaganskiy/Murriel Perez, "Art Toys R Us - Breaking into the industry"

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