Pollock, Channing (I) Biography

biography of Pollock, Channing (I)

4 March 1880, Washington, District of Columbia, USA
17 August 1946, Shoreham, New York, USA

-   'Anna Marble' (1906 - March 1946) (her death)

-   Author, Playwright, Drama Critic, Publicity Agent, Lecturer and World Traveler.

-   (1904- 1931). Active on Broadway in the following productions:

-   (1904). Stage Play: The Pit. Drama. Written by 'Channing Pollock (I)' (qv) [earliest Broadway credit]. From the novel by 'Frank Norris (I)' (qv). Lyric Theatre: 10 Feb 1904- Apr 1904 (closing date unknown/77 performances). Cast: Howard Boulden, Edgar Bowman, Clay Boyd, Wilson Burke, Bert Burrell, Harold Byrne, Marian A. Chapman, Harry Converse, Kenneth Davenport, Adeline Dunlap, James Emerson, Agnes Evans, Edmund Evans, 'Douglas Fairbanks (I)' (qv), Agnes Findlay, Mabel Findlay, John J. Fogarty, Robert Peyton Gibbs, Doris Goodwin, Mrs. Powhattan Gordon, George Grey, Henry Gunson, 'Hale Hamilton' (qv), Margaret Kenmare, 'Charles Kenyon' (qv) [Broadway debut], 'Wilton Lackaye' (qv) (as "Curtis Jadwin"), Amber Lawlord, Richard Manuel, J. Cleneay Mathews, Thomas McCabe, Tilden Mercer, Charles Merritt, Walter Moran, Owen Murphey, Jane Oaker, Bowman Ralston, Ed Ralston, Franklyn Roberts, Rudy Saxe, Willard Saxon, Avon Stern, William Stern, A.H. Stuart, Eddie Stuart,Frank Tillman, William Titus, Richard Webster, White Whittlesey, Joseph A. Wilkes, Maude Wilson, Cecil Worth, Robert Wright, Vera Zalene. Produced by 'William A. Brady' (qv).

-   (1906). Stage Play: The Little Gray Lady. Melodrama. Written by 'Channing Pollock (I)' (qv).

-   (1906). Stage Play: Clothes. Drama. Written by 'Channing Pollock (I)' (qv) and 'Avery Hopwood' (qv). Scenic Design by Robert T. McKee and H. Robert Law. Costume Design by Van Horn and Lord and Taylor. Mannhattan Theatre: 11 Sep 1906- Dec 1906 (closing date unknown/113 performances). Cast: 'Grace George' (qv) (as "Olivia Sherwood"), 'Louise Closser Hale' (qv), Justine Cutting, 'Douglas Fairbanks (I)' (qv), Robert T. Haines, Diana Huneker, Angela Ogden, Dorothy Revelle, Charles Stanley, A.H. Stuart, Anne Sutherland, Richard Wilson, Frank Worthing. Produced by 'William A. Brady' (qv).

-   (1907). Stage Play: In the Bishop's Carriage. Written by Channing Pollock. Based on the novel by Miriam Michelson. Grand Opera House: 25 Feb 1907- Mar 1907 (closing date unknown/8 performances). Cast: Francis Aiken, 'Aubrey Beattie' (qv), Malcolm Bradley, Jessie Busley, Harry Chapman, John T. Dillon, Byron Douglas, Robert Evans, Rose Eytinge, Mary Faber, Jane Fielding, Harry Ford, Jermyn Fuller, 'Kate Jepson' (qv), Ernest C. Joy, James Keane, Hector Marvin, Caroline Morette, Sam Reed, Lavinia Shannon.

-   (1907). Stage Play: The Secret Orchard. Written by 'Channing Pollock (I)' (qv) from the novel by 'Agnes Castle' (qv) [final Broadway credit] and 'Egerton Castle' (qv). Lyric Theatre (moved to The Astor Theatre from 30 Dec 1907- close): 16 Dec 1907- Jan 1908 (closing date unknown/32 performances). Cast: Gertrude Augarde, Frank C. Bangs, Burke Clarke, William Courtenay, Frank E. Lamb, F. Newton Lindo, Edward R. Mawson, Olive May, Harry McAuliffe, Adelaide Prince, Henrietta Vaders, 'Josephine Victor' (qv). Produced by Hunter, Bradford & Reid.

-   (1909). Stage Play: Such a Little Queen. Comedy. Written by 'Channing Pollock (I)' (qv). Directed by Frank Keenan. Hackett Theatre: 31 Aug 1909- Nov 1909 (closing date unknown/103 performances). Cast: George Barnum (as "Baron Cosaca"), Gertrude Barrett (as "Cora Fitzgerald"), Francis Byrne (as "Robert Trainor"), William Cahan (as "Messenger"), Elsie Ferguson (as "Anna Victoria"), 'Frank Gillmore' (qv) [credited as Frank Gilmore] (as "Stephen IV"), Louis R. Grisel (as "Nathaniel Quigg"), 'Menifee Johnstone' (qv) (as "General Myrza"), Arthur A. Klein (as "Colonel Haupt"), Eleanor Lawson (as "Elizabeth Lauman"), Marion Little (as "Margaret Donnelly"), A.W. Neuendorf (as "Prince Niklas"), 'Jessie Ralph (I)' (qv) (as "Mary"), Ralph Stuart (as "Adolph Lauman"), Kraft Walton (as "Count Mavichec"), Stanley G. Wood (as "Harry Sherman"). Produced by Henry B. Harris.

-   (1911). Stage Play: Ziegfeld Follies of 1911. Musical revue/extravaganza. Music by 'Maurice Levi' (qv) and 'Raymond Hubbell (I)' (qv). Based on material by 'George V. Hobart' (qv). Musical Direction by Joseph Sainton. Music arranged by Gus Sohlke and Jack Mason. Lyrics by 'George V. Hobart' (qv). Additional music and lyrics by 'Irving Berlin (I)' (qv), 'Jerome Kern' (qv), James B. Blyler, Sid Brown, Vincent Bryan, Henry Marshall and Stanley Murphy. Additional music by Raymond Peck, 'Rennold Wolf' (qv), Arthur Donnelly, 'Jean C. Havez' (qv), Val Harris, Barney Fagan and Bessie McCoy. Directed by 'Julian Mitchell (I)' (qv). Jardin de Paris: 26 Jun 1911-2 Sep 1911 (80 performances). Cast: Miss Abbott, Louise Aichel, Elise Belga, James B. Blyler, Arline Boley, 'Fanny Brice' (qv), Sid Brown, Stella Chatelaine, 'Ethel Clayton' (qv), Leslie Coverra, Dorothy Dalland, Katherine Daly, Tom Dingle, 'Dolly Sisters' (qv), 'Leon Errol' (qv), Emma Gorman, Charles Hessong, W.J. Kelly, Miss LeRoy, Lillian Lorraine, Charles A. Mason, Vera Maxwell, Bessie McCoy, Ann Meredith, Miss Mitchell, Clara Palmer, Walter Percival, Kathryn Perry, Miss Richmond, Eleanor St. Clair, Peter Swift, Mona Trieste, Lottie Vernon, Harry Watson Jr., George White, 'Bert Williams (I)' (qv). Produced by 'Florenz Ziegfeld Jr.' (qv)

-   (1911). Stage Play: The Red Widow. Musical. Written by 'Channing Pollock (I)' (qv) and 'Rennold Wolf' (qv). Music by Charles J. Gebest. Based on the story "My Official Wife" by 'Archibald Clavering Gunter' (qv). Musical Director: Charles J. Gebest. Directed by Frederick G. Latham. Musical Staging by James Gorman. Astor Theatre: 6 Nov 1911- 24 Feb 1912 (128 performances). Cast: 'Joseph Allen Sr.' (qv) (as "Baron Maximilian Scareovich"), Donald Archer, Sophye Barnard, William Barube, Poney Cantor, Lee Carriere, Stanley Carter, Helen Cheevers, Harry Clarke, Sylvia Clarke, Mona Clifford, Dorothy Courtney, Fay Darling, Kitty Devere, D. Dickson, Dorothy Dickson, Martin Enwright, Tempe Evans, Marie Fanning, Stanley Fields, Mary Gordon, Glory Gray, Ralph Harlow, John Hendricks, 'Raymond Hitchcock (I)' (qv) (as "Cicero Hannibal Butts"), Mr. Jenkins, Rokey Johnson, Owen Jones, William Lafferty, Augusta Lang, Helen Lee, Lola Lorraine, George E. Mack, Christine Mangasarian, Elsie Markert, Olga Markusson, Daisy Marshall, Theodore Martin, Evelyn May, Paul McShane, Margie Melvin, Edward Morrison, Jean Newcombe, Julie Newell, Ann O'Kane, Ann Pauley, B. Pennington, Lincoln Plumer, Harry Pond, Elsie Richmond, Vivian Rogers, George Ross, Ray Russell, Clara Schroeder, S. Sommerville, Constance Talbot, Gladys Taylor, Mattie Vance, Gertrude Vanderbilt. Produced by 'George M. Cohan' (qv) and 'Sam Harris (IV)' (qv).

-   (1912). Stage Play: My Best Girl. Musical. Book by 'Channing Pollock (I)' (qv), 'Rennold Wolf' (qv). Lyrics by Channing Pollock, Rennold Wolf. Music by Clifton Crawford, Augustus Barratt. Directed by Sydney Ellison. Park Theatre: 12 Sep 1912- 9 Nov 1912 (68 performances). Cast: Anna Abbott (as "Chorus"), Albert Baron (as "Chorus"), Louis Baum (as "A Sergeant"), Frank Belcher (as "Gus Bludge"), Bessie Bell (as "Grace Carr"), Pam Boise (as "Chorus"), Jean Brae (as "Chorus"), Marie Brandon (as "Chorus"), Harriet Burt (as "Daphne Follette"), Viola Cain (as "Chorus"), Lee Carriere (as "Chorus"), David Christy (as "Chorus"), Clifton Crawford (as "Richard Venderfleet"), Ruth Crawford (as "Chorus"), 'Harry Davenport (I)' (qv) (as "Colonel Wellington Bollivar"), Adele Davidson (as "Chorus"), G.A. Dolan (as "Chorus"), 'Florence Edney' (qv) (as "Mrs. Wellington Bollivar"), Harry Fairleigh (as "Captain Robert Denton"), Irving Finn (as "Chorus"), Antoinette Fisher (as "Chorus"), Edna Fitzhugh (as "Chorus"), Jack Fitzhugh (as "Chorus"), John Fitzhugh (as "Private Stuart"), Katherine Foster (as "Chorus"), Harrison Garrett (as "Harry Perkins"), Jack Gibson (as "Chorus"), Mildred Goodyear (as "Chorus"), Fred Guertier (as "Chorus"), Catherine Halstone (as "Chorus"), Raymond Hancock (as "Chorus"), Madge Harman (as "Chorus"), John Hendricks, Minnie Higgins (as "Chorus"), Kathleen Hitchens (as "Chorus"), Rose Huber (as "Chorus"), Annette Jordan (as "Chorus"), Harriet Kendall (as "Chorus"), Aileen Leftwich (as "Chorus"), William Leonard (as "Chorus"), Paula Leslie (as "Chorus"), Rose Leslie (as "Chorus"), Maurice Levov (as "Chorus"), Willard Louis (as "Tommy Langham"), Violet Mack (as "Chorus"), O. John Markle (as "Chorus"), Eileene Marshall (as "Gwendoline Le Monde/Chorus"), Vinna Mason (as "Chorus"), Betty Meers (as "Chorus"), M. Miller (as "Chorus"), Marion Mosby (as "Chorus"), Edwin Nicander (as "Samuel Brown"), James O'Neill (as "Police Officer"), Jack Potter (as "Police Officer"), Libby Rae (as "Chorus"), Helen Randolph (as "Chorus"), Hazel Robertson (as "Chorus"), Vivian Rogers (as "Chorus"), Sallie Ronayne (as "Chorus"), Ethel Russell (as "Chorus"), Natalie Saymore (as "Chorus"), Sis Sheldon (as "Chorus"), Frank Silberman (as "Chorus"), Evelyn Smith (as "Chorus"), Jack Squire (as "Chorus"), Rita Stanwood (as "Dora Lane"), Katherine Stossel (as "Chorus"), Dick Stuart (as "Chorus"), Gertrude Thurston (as "Chorus"), Olive Ulrich (as "Beatrice"), Margaret Vinton (as "Chorus"), Coralinn Waide (as "The Little Stranger"), Robert Waite (as "Chorus"), Charles E. Walt (as "Chorus"), Meta Weidlich (as "Chorus"), Betty White (as "Chorus"). Produced by The Estate of Henry B. Harris.

-   (1913). Stage Play: Her Little Highness. Musical. Book by 'Channing Pollock (I)' (qv) and 'Rennold Wolf' (qv). Music by 'Reginald De Koven' (qv). Lyrics by Channing Pollock and Rennold Wolf. Based on a comedy "Such a Little Queen" by Channing Pollock. Musical Director: Max Bendix. Choreographed by Julian Mitchell. Directed by 'George F. Marion' (qv). Liberty Theatre: 13 Oct 1913- 25 Oct 1913 (16 performances). Produced by Louis F. Werba and Mark A. Luescher.

-   (1914). Stage Play: The Beauty Shop. Musical comedy. Written by 'Channing Pollock (I)' (qv) and 'Rennold Wolf' (qv). Music by Charles J. Gebest. Musical Director: Charles J. Gebest. Directed by 'R.H. Burnside' (qv). Astor Theatre: 13 Apr 1914- 27 Jun 1914 (88 performances). Cast: Miss Aldrich, Gertrude Aldrich, Miss Bell, Bernice Buck, Edwin Clifford, Miss Crane, Miss Devere, Miss Donn, Marion Donn, Martin Enwright, Miss Farnsworth, Ernest Geyer, Agnes Gildea, Nina Goulette, Miss Hastings, Margaret Henry, Joseph Herbert, Harry Hermsen, Charles Hessong, 'Raymond Hitchcock (I)' (qv) (as "Dr. Arbutus Budd"), Tessa Kosta, William Lafferty, Miss Lockard, George E. Mack, Christine Mangasarian, Olga Markusson, Paul McShane, Edward Metcalfe, Miss Newell, Miss O'Kane, Ann O'Kane, Anna Orr, Thelma Pinder, Marjorie Poir, Miss Reeves, Miss Richmond, George Romain, Marion Sunshine, Ethel Tennis, Miss Wallace, Lawrence Wheat, Miss Young. Produced by 'George M. Cohan' (qv) and 'Sam Harris (IV)' (qv).

-   (1914). Stage Play: A Perfect Lady. Written by 'Channing Pollock (I)' (qv) and 'Rennold Wolf' (qv). Hudson Theatre: 28 Oct 1914- Nov 1914 (closing date unknown/21 performances). Cast: Adele Adams, Harry G. Bates, Harry C. Browne, Chic Burnham, James Cody, James Gardner, Isabel Goodwin, Agnes Marc, Louis Mason, William A. Norton, 'Beatrice Noyes' (qv), Harry Penn, 'Ned Sparks (I)' (qv), Rose Stahl, Marion Stephenson, Charles A. Sturgis, Raymond Van Sickle. Produced by The Estate of Henry B. Harris. Note: Filmed as _A Perfect Lady (1918)_ (qv).

-   (1915). Stage Play: Ziegfeld Follies of 1915. Musical extravaganza. Written by 'Channing Pollock (I)' (qv) and 'Rennold Wolf' (qv). Music by 'Louis A. Hirsch' (qv) and 'Dave Stamper (I)' (qv). Lyrics by Rennold Wolf, Channing Pollock and Gene Buck. Musical Director: Frank Darling. Featuring songs by Charles Elbert, 'Irving Berlin (I)' (qv), Seymour Furth and 'Bert Williams (I)' (qv). Featuring songs with lyrics by Ward Wesley, Irving Berlin and 'Will Vodery' (qv). Directed by 'Julian Mitchell (I)' (qv) and 'Leon Errol' (qv). New Amsterdam Theatre: 21 Jun 1915- 18 Sep 1915 (104 performances). Cast: Helen Barnes, Lucille Cavanaugh, 'Ina Claire (I)' (qv), Peggy Dana, Ethel Davies, Emil Dwyer, Phil Dwyer, Marcelle Earle, Leon Errol, Gladys Feldman, 'W.C. Fields' (qv), Dorothy Godfrey, 'Bernard 'Bunny' Granville' (qv), Flo Hart, May Hennessy, Justine Johnstone, Evelyn Kerner, Kay Laurell, Gladys Loftus, Muriel Martin, 'Mae Murray' (qv), The Oakland Sisters, May Paul, Ann Pennington, Carl Randall, Helen Rook, John Ryan, Dorothy St. Clair, Margaret St. Clair, Melville Stewart, Olive Thomas, Miss Touraine, Lottie Vernon, Nancy Wallace, Dottie Wang, Bunny Wendell, Rose Werts, Will West, George White, Edith Whitney, Bert Williams, Miss Wilson, 'Ed Wynn' (qv). Produced by 'Florenz Ziegfeld Jr.' (qv)

-   (1917). Stage Play: The Grass Widow. Musical. Written by 'Channing Pollock (I)' (qv) and 'Rennold Wolf' (qv). Music by 'Louis A. Hirsch' (qv). from "Le Peril Jaune" ("The Yellow Peril") by 'Alexandre Bisson' (qv) and St. Albin. Additional music by Digby Latouche. Directed by 'George F. Marion' (qv). Liberty Theatre (moved to The Princess Theatre from 24 Dec 1918- close): 3 Dec 1917-5 Jan 1918 (43 performances). Cast: Natalie Alt (as "Denise"), Leon E. Brown (as "Monsieur Favereau"), Harry Davis (as "Banjoist / The Grass Widow Jazz Band"), W.C. Deacon, Irene Dixon (as "Dorothy"), Gretchen Eastman (as "Colette"), Marion Ford (as "Betty"), Anita Francesco (as "Claire"), Marguerite L. Fritts (as "Lucille"), Saxi Holstworth (as "Saxophonian / The Grass Widow Jazz Band"), May Hopkins (as "Angie"), 'Robert Emmett Keane' (qv) (as "Larry Doyle", J.C. Klein (as "An Ill-Humored Man"), Helen Lowell (as "Annette"), George Marion (as "Anatol Pivert"), Howard Marsh (as "Jacques"), Joseph D. Miller, Victor Morley (as "Fernand Dore"), Tom O'Hare (as "Vincent"), Marion Phillips, Marion Pollard (as "Fanchon"), Edna Waddell (as "Florence"), Joseph H. Woodward (as "Pianist"). Produced by Madison Corey.

-   (1918). Stage Play: The Crowded Hour. Written by 'Edgar Selwyn' (qv) and 'Channing Pollock (I)' (qv). Selwyn Theatre: 22 Nov 1918- Mar 1919 (closing date unknown/139 performances). Cast: 'Franklyn Ardell' (qv), Andy Aubrey, John Black, Michelette Burani, 'Orme Caldara' (qv), Henry Call, 'Jane Cowl' (qv), 'Jules Epailly' (qv), Mabel Godding, Sidney Hall, 'George LeSoir' (qv), Christine Norman, Burni Prevost, 'Cyril Raymond (I)' (qv), Rae Selwyn, 'Henry Stephenson' (qv), Edward Tierney. Produced by Selwyn & Co.

-   (1918). Stage Play: Roads of Destiny.

-   (1920). Stage Play: The Sign on the Door. Melodrama. Written by 'Channing Pollock (I)' (qv). Theatre Republic: 19 Dec 1919- May 1920 (closing date unknown/187 performances). Cast: Beatrice Allen, 'Lee Baker (I)' (qv) (as "Lafe Regan"), Elwood Bostwick, Herbert Broderick, C. Bert Dunlop, Paul Everton, Jules Ferrar, Mildred Macleod, Neil Martin, Kenneth Miner. Produced by A.H. Woods. Note: Filmed as _The Locked Door (1929)_ (qv).

-   (1921). Stage Play: Ziegfeld Follies of 1921. Musical revue. Dialogue by 'Channing Pollock (I)' (qv), 'Willard Mack' (qv) and 'Ralph Spence (I)' (qv). Lyrics by 'Gene Buck (I)' (qv) and 'Buddy G. DeSylva' (qv). Music by 'Victor Herbert (I)' (qv), 'Rudolf Friml' (qv) and 'Dave Stamper (I)' (qv). Musical Direction by Frank Tours. Music orchestrated by 'Maurice De Packh' (qv) and Stephen Jones. Featuring songs with lyrics by 'Henry Creamer' (qv), J. Turner Layton, Grant Clarke, 'James F. Hanley' (qv), 'Channing Pollock (I)' (qv), 'Blanche Merrill' (qv), Leo Edwards, 'Ballard MacDonald' (qv), Harry Carroll, Albert Willemetz, Jacques Charles, 'Buddy G. DeSylva' (qv), Gus Mueller, Buster Johnson, Andrew Sterling, 'Harry von Tilzer' (qv) and Edward P Moran. Featuring songs by Elsie White and 'Henry Busse' (qv). Directed by 'Edward Royce' (qv). Globe Theatre: 21 Jun 1921- 1 Oct 1921 (119 performances). Cast: Marie Astrova, Miss Barnett, Emma Beresbach, Ethel Blaire, Eva Brady, 'Fanny Brice' (qv) (as "Principal"), Evelyn Campbell, Betty Carsdale, Margery Chapin, Hazel Chappel, Miss Chase, John Clarke, Darling Twins, Peggy Davis, Ray Dooley, Phil Dwyer, 'Charles Eaton (I)' (qv), 'Mary Eaton (I)' (qv) (as "Principal"), Marguerite Falconer, 'W.C. Fields' (qv) (as "Principal," and "M. Le Duc de Chateau Briand"), Consuelo Flowerton, Edna French, Pearl Germonde, Diana Gordon, 'Raymond Hitchcock (I)' (qv), Herbert Hoey, Miss Hughes, Helen Hunt, Albert Innis, Frank Innis, Keene Twins, Miss Leigh, Mary Lewis, Doris Lloyd, Gladys Loftus, Madelyn Lombard, Miss Lomp, Mandal Brothers, Irene Marcellus, Albertine Marlowe, Vera Michelena, Mary Milburn, Beatrice Milner, Geneva Mitchell, Mlle. Mitti, Madilyn Morrissey, 'Florence O'Denishawn' (qv), Charles O'Donnell, Jessie Reed, Anastasia Reilly, Frances Reveaux, Miss Rolph, Gertrude Seldon, Peggy Stohl, Janet Stone, Avonne Taylor, M. Tillio, Van and Schenck, Edna Wheaton, Helen Lee Worthing. Produced by 'Florenz Ziegfeld Jr.' (qv).

-   (1922). Stage Play: The Fool. Melodrama.

-   (1925). Stage Play: The Enemy. Directed by 'Robert Milton (I)' (qv). Times Square Theatre: 20 Oct 1925- Apr 1926 (closing date unknown/203 performances). Cast: 'Walter Abel' (qv) (as "Carl Behrend"), 'Fay Bainter' (qv) (as "Pauli Arndt"), Charles Dalton, Donald Hughes, Olive May, Jane Seymour, 'Harold Vermilyea' (qv) (as "Jan"), 'Lyonel Watts' (qv) (as "Bruce Gordon"), 'Russ Whytal' (qv) (as "Dr. Arndt"), John Wray. Produced by Crosby Gaige. NOTE: Filmed as _The Enemy (1927)_ (qv).

-   (1928). Stage Play: Mr. Moneypenny. Comedy.

-   (1931). Stage Play: The House Beautiful. Drama.

-   (1953). Stage Play: [Posthumous] At Home With Ethel Waters. Special/musical revue. Music for "I Ain't Gonna Sin No More" by 'Con Conrad' (qv) and 'Herb Magidson' (qv). Lyrics for "I Ain't Gonna Sin No More" by Con Conrad and Herb Magidson. Music for "Sleepy Time Down South" by Clarence Muse, Leon René and Otis René. Lyrics for "Sleepy Time Down South" by 'Clarence Muse' (qv), Leon René and Otis René. Music for "Throw Dirt" by 'Shelton Brooks' (qv). Lyrics for "Throw Dirt" by Shelton Brooks. Music for "Am I Blue" and "Dinah" by 'Harry Akst' (qv). Lyrics for "Am I Blue" by Grant Clarke. Music for "Half of Me" by 'Peter De Rose' (qv) and Sam M. Lewis. Lyrics for "Half of Me" by Peter De Rose. Lyrics for "Half of Me" and "Dinah" by Sam M. Lewis. Music for "Washtub Rubstudy," "Dance Hall Hostess" and "Somethin' Told Me..." by Alberta Nichols. Lyrics for "Washtub Rubstudy," "Dance Hall Hostess" and "Somethin' Told Me..." by Mann Holiner. Music for "Bread and Gravy" by 'Hoagy Carmichael' (qv). Music for "Love For Sale" by 'Cole Porter' (qv). Lyrics for "Dinah" by Joe Young. Music for "Go Back Where You Stayed Last Night" by Ethel Waters and 'Sidney Easton' (qv). Lyrics for "Go Back Where You Stayed Last Night" by Ethel Waters and Sidney Easton. Music for "My Man" by Maurice Yvain. French Lyrics for "My Man" by Albert Willemetz and Jacques Charles. English Lyrics for "My Man" by 'Channing Pollock (I)' (qv). Music for "St. Louis Blues" by 'W.C. Handy' (qv). Lyrics for "St. Louis Blues" by W.C. Handy. Music for "Suppertime" by Irving Berlin. Lyrics for "Suppertime" by 'Irving Berlin (I)' (qv). Music for "Takin' a Chance on Love" and "Cabin in the Sky" by 'Vernon Duke' (qv). Lyrics for "Takin' a Chance on Love" and "Cabin in the Sky" by 'John La Touche' (qv). Lyrics for "Takin' a Chance on Love" by 'Ted Fetter' (qv). Music for "Happiness is Jes' a Thing Called Joe" and "Stormy Weather" by 'Harold Arlen' (qv). Lyrics for "Happiness is Jes' a Thing Called Joe" by 'E.Y. Harburg' (qv). Music for "Lady Be Good' by 'George Gershwin' (qv). Lyrics for "Lady Be Good" by 'Ira Gershwin' (qv). Lyrics for "Stormy Weather" by 'Ted Koehler' (qv). Directed by 'Richard Barr (I)' (qv). 48th Street Theatre: 22 Sep 1953- 10 Oct 1953 (23 performances). Cast: Ethel Waters. Produced by Richard Barr and Charles Bowden.

-   (September 18, 1924- November 1924) His play, "The Fool", was performed at the Apollo Theatre in London, England with 'Henry Ainley' (qv), 'Mary Merrall' (qv), 'Franklyn Bellamy' (qv), 'Dame May Whitty' (qv), 'Clare Harris (I)' (qv), 'Morton Selten' (qv), 'Julian Royce' (qv), Sara Sothern and 'Olga Lindo' (qv) in the cast.

-   "Variety" (USA), 21 August 1946, "Channing Pollock Dies on L.I. at 66"

-   "New York Times" (USA), 18 August 1946, pg. 47:3, "Channing Pollock, Playwright, Dead; Author of More Than 30 Works, Including 'The Fool,' ;Enemy' and 'The House Beautiful'; Wrote Several Books; Crusaded in Lectures Against State Censorship Boards and Flimsy Plagiarism Suits"

-   "Motion Picture World" (USA), 10 April 1920, pg. 289, "Pollock's Career Basis of Success on Stage and Screen"

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