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Steven Joseph Joshua Poltz
Poltz Polioboy
19 February 1960, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

-   Graduated from the University of San Diego with a bachelor's degree in political science

-   Grew up in Palm Springs.

-   In July 1998 while touring with Lisa Loeb, he met an aspiring 15 year old musician. He gave her a bracelet (made by Jewel) and told her that when the bracelet broke, she would become famous. Six months later, she got a phone call from a family friend who was giving a music executive a tour of a time share. She was too young to drive and her parents weren't home, so she drove a golf cart over and gave her demo tape to the music exec in question, Jeff Rabhan. When she got home from her meeting with him, her bracelet broke. Two months later, Jeff Rabhan called her. He became her manager and she recorded an independent album called "Broken Bracelet." Shortly thereafter, Maverick offered Michelle Branch a record contract.

-   Lead singer of the Rugburns

-   Has played with Bob Dylan, 'John Mellencamp' (qv), Jewel, The Wallflowers, Bare Naked Ladies, Rusted Root, John Doe, Bob Schneider, and Lucinda Williams. His band, the Rugburns, opened for the Ramones.

-   His "Answering Machine" CD is 56 songs, each 45 seconds long which are all outgoing messages from his home answering machine. This is one of Neil Young's favorite records.

-   Song "Leavin' Again" in Jack Frost and Party of Five (Episode 4.24 Fools Rush In). Song "Everything About You" in Notting Hill.

-   Won the following San Diego Music Awards: Best Acoustic (1992, 2000, 2001, 2003), Best Alternative (1995), Best Adult Alternative Album (1998), Artist of the Year (1997, 1999, 2000), and Influential Artist of the Decade.

-   Song "Silver Lining" used on MTV's Road Rules.

-   Wrote and performs the theme song for Spike TV's animated series This Just In.

-   Dated San Diego based musician, actress and Radio D.J. Anya Marina until 2004.

-   Played acoustic guitar in Jewel's band & was also the support act on the Spirit World Tour 1999.

-   Jewel sang harmony vocals on several songs from Steve's debut album 'One Left Shoe': 'Impala', 'I Thought I Saw You Last Night' & 'Silver Lining'. She also co-wrote the songs 'One Left Shoe', 'Impala', I Thought I Saw You Last Night' & 'Silver Lining'.

-   Co-wrote Jewel Kilcher's 1997 hit 'You Were Meant for me'.

-   He met Jewel Kilcher in early 1993 when she was a waitress. They dated for 3 years.

-   Song "Suburbia" used in the movie Biodome (credited as The Rugburns).

-   "You Were Meant for Me," which he co-wrote with Jewel, was used in the original unaired pilot for Dawson's Creek.

-   Album "Chinese Vacation" (2003)

-   Album "One Left Shoe" (1998)

-   Albums "Taking the World by Donkey" (1995), "Morning Wood" (1994), and "Mommy I'm Sorry" (1996)

-   Appeared in Jewel's video "You Were Meant for Me"

-   Co-wrote "You Were Meant for Me" with Jewel

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