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Nicolas Patrick Quilter
19 July 1978, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Los Angeles based film and television actor, originally from Atlanta, Georgia. Moved to New York City at age 18, and began working in the film industry in 2003. Studied with 'Mark Stolzenberg' (qv) at the New School for Social Research, also with Lisa Formosa, 'Craig Lechner' (qv), and at the SAG Conservatory. Resided in New York for over a decade, and in March 2008 relocated to Southern California. As a professional actor, his work has appeared in feature films _Beautiful Ohio (2006)_ (qv), _Anamorph (2007)_ (qv), and _"30 Rock" (2006)_ (qv). His background is also in classical music, and briefly attended Hunter College in the early 2000s.

-   Is of half Irish, half English ethnicity.

-   Was seriously considered for Season Two of _"I Wanna Be a Soap Star" (2004)_ (qv), hosted by 'Cameron Mathison' (qv).

-   To date, has never smoked a cigarette in his entire life.

-   Good friends with 'Alexander Wraith' (qv).

-   Born on the same day as 'Josh Kimmel' (qv).

-   Shares a birthday with 'Anthony Edwards (I)' (qv).

-   Auditioned for the 'Robert Downey Jr.' (qv) film _A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints (2006)_ (qv).

-   Auditioned for the "Springtime For Hitler" musical number, from _The Producers (2005)_ (qv).

-   His first paid work in the acting business, was as an extra in the HBO feature film _Everyday People (2004)_ (qv), formerly known as "Brooklyn." March 27, 2003.

-   Got his first considerable break playing an AIDS patient, in 'Chad Lowe (I)' (qv)'s directorial debut feature film _Beautiful Ohio (2006)_ (qv), starring 'William Hurt' (qv) and 'Rita Wilson (I)' (qv).

-   Played his first leading role in a feature film at age 25.

-   Considers attending Mannes College of Music to be one of the absolute worst experiences of his entire life.

-   Attended Druid Hills High School in Atlanta, Georgia, and Chapel Hill High School in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

-   Siblings: Kerry, Bridget, Elise, and Alexander.

-   Met opera singer 'Kiri Te Kanawa' (qv) backstage at the Metropolitan Opera, following the matinee performance of 'Richard Strauss (I)' (qv)'s final opera, "Capriccio." 31 January 1998.

-   Good friends with 'Tommy Taormina Jr.' (qv) and 'Michael Breckley' (qv).

-   Has a single piercing in his left ear.

-   Soon after joining Screen Actors Guild, he played a recurring atmosphere role on _"The Sopranos" (1999)_ (qv), as a sleaze-ball patron at Tony Soprano's "Bada Bing" strip club.

-   Nephews: Francisco, Max, and Klaus.

-   In the town of Hollywood, being drop dead gorgeous and having a great body come way before acting ability.

-   (April 2004) On the set of _Hitch (2005/I)_ (qv), with 'Will Smith (I)' (qv), 'Eva Mendes' (qv), and 'Kevin James (III)' (qv).

-   (November 2004) On the set of _Find Me Guilty (2006)_ (qv), with 'Vin Diesel' (qv). Bayonne, New Jersey.

-   (March 2005) Auditioning for Season Two of Soap Net's _"I Wanna Be a Soap Star" (2004)_ (qv), on the sound stages of _"All My Children" (1970)_ (qv), at the ABC Televison Studios in Manhattan.

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