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30 January 1988, London, England, UK
5' 6"

-   Her naturally sun bleached Auburn hair and her blue eyes

-   She attended the audition for _"When Evil Calls" (2006)_ (qv) the day before she was due to take a Biology and History A Level paper. So while all the other auditionees were rehearsing, Leila was brushing up Respiration and the Tudors. She was originally cast as the part of 'Kelly' in _"When Evil Calls" (2006)_ (qv) but after 'Stacey Cadman' (qv) (_"Cavegirl" (2002)_ (qv)) who was originally cast as 'Linda' dropped out, the director 'Johannes Roberts' (qv) gave the part to Leila as he remembered her from the audition process. Leila then had two hours to prepare for Linda's main scene.

-   She is a current member of the YoungBlood Theatre Company. Other members include 'Laura Greenwood (I)' (qv) (_The Brothers Grimm (2005)_ (qv)), 'Lenora Crichlow' (qv) (_"Sugar Rush" (2005/I)_ (qv) and _"Being Human" (2008)_ (qv)), 'Augustus Prew' (qv) (_About a Boy (2002)_ (qv)), 'Somerset Prew' (qv) (_Like Father Like Son (2005) (TV)_ (qv)) and 'Imogen Poots' (qv) (_V for Vendetta (2005)_ (qv)).

-   In August 2007, went under cover for ITV news posing as a 13 year old girl to investigate internet safety.

-   Is a member of the University of Essex Theater Arts Society and is also a member of the Essex Flames the university's cheerleading squad.

-   Her father encouraged her to attend university so she decided to study psychology and was offered a 'provisional' place by 5 of her 6 choices.

-   Has worked on three projects with fellow British actor Christopher Rithin these included the new teen drama series 'Life As I Know it', a voice over for a music video titled 'Go For Nervous' and an independent short film titled 'A Test of Patience'.

-   I don't believe in doing anything half heartedly. If you are going to do something, you may as well do it to the best of your ability.

-   Never do anything half heartedly

-   (September 2006) Is studying at The Method Studio in London for a Diploma in acting.

-   (October 2009) Has started her 3rd and final year at the University of Essex and will graduate in June 2010 hopefully with a Bsc in Psychology

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