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biography of Reynolds, Troy (II)

Born July 12, 1967, in Conroe, Texas, Troy Reynolds is the son of two educators, Don and Janette Reynolds. Troy had his first experience in theatre in junior high, and went on to become a highly recognized actor in high school. After an enlistment in the United States Army, he chose to continue with his love for acting by majoring in theatre at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas. In 1988, he was cast in his first collegiate production as Stanley in Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman. He followed that production with parts in both musicals and straight plays, including such shows as A Chorus Line, Little Shop of Horrors, Camelot, Macbeth, Hair, Jesus Christ Superstar, As Is, and others. In 1991, Troy met his future wife, Lilly Reynolds, shortly after graduation. Choosing to pass up a possible entertainment contract in Florida, he chose to stay in the Houston area in order to be near her, and instead, took a job teaching theatre at a local high school. Troy took his production of The Diviners to the state level in his first year of teaching and decided to completely change his career path by marrying Lilly and staying in education. Since that day, he has become a highly decorated theatre teacher and educator. In his third decade of teaching, Troy has chosen to start all over again with his acting career by making his second film "debut" in Little Oak Production's horror film "House Call." Hoping to jump-start the career that he left two decades before, he began soliciting projects in the Houston area.
Troy Reynolds

-   'Lilliana Rivera Reynolds' (28 November 1992 - present); 2 children

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