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biography of Robertson, Joshua (I)

18 March 1975, Dallas, Texas, USA
5' 10"
Joshua Robertson was born on March 18, 1975 in Dallas,Tx. He graduated from Plano Senior High School in 1993. He is a father of 3 beautiful girls, and is following his dream of Acting after his 14 year career of law enforcement. Joshua has done some films and commercials, such as the feature film "Olympus Has Fallen" Directed by Antoine Fuqua(2013),and Indie Feature Film "Sacrifice" Directed by Katie Young(2013). Joshua has done other films, but these were two of the lager roles he has done since he began his journey in his acting career. He has also been on "One Heart" (2013), "Charlie: A Toy Story" (2012), and the television series "Dallas" (2012).
Joshua Robertson

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