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Gail Sue Rosenblum
15 August 1950, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
Gaylen Ross was born as Gail Sue Rosenblum on August 15, 1950 in Indianapolis, Indiana. The attractively slender blonde was raised in a traditional Jewish family. She was a co-editor of the poetry journal, "Antaeus", from 1975 to 1977. Ross made a fine and impressive film debut as feisty and resourceful pregnant heroine "Francine" in 'George Romero' (qv)'s outstanding _Dawn of the Dead (1978)_ (qv). She was likewise solid and appealing as perky summer camp counselor "Betsy" in the fun slasher item, _Madman (1982)_ (qv). Gaylen portrayed 'Leslie Nielsen (I)' (qv)'s adulterous wife "Becky Vickers" in the "Something to Tide You Over" segment of the hugely enjoyable horror anthology, _Creepshow (1982)_ (qv), and made guest appearances on two episodes of _"Walker, Texas Ranger" (1993)_ (qv). She was the casting director for _Day of the Dead (1985)_ (qv). Gaylen now works as a writer, director, editor and producer for GR Films, a company which makes acclaimed and award-winning documentaries for PBS, A&E Television, The Learning Channel and England's Channel 4. Her movies have been shown in such places as Italy, Canada, Australia, Japan and The Netherlands. Moreover, Gaylen's pictures have premiered at many international film festivals which include the Berlin Film Festival, the Sydney Film Festival, the Haifa Film Festival, the Nyon Documentary Festival, and the Margaret Mead Film Festival. _Dealers Among Dealers (1995) (TV)_ (qv) won a Gold Plaque at the Chicago Film Festival and was named "Best of Fest" at the Edinburgh Film Festival. _Blood Money: Switzerland's Nazi Gold (1997)_ (qv) won an Emmy Award. In addition, Ross has produced and directed videos for both "The Jewish Foundation for the Righteous" and the "UJA Federations of North America". She's the co-writer of the book, "Married to a Stranger".

-   Her fellow _Dawn of the Dead (1978)_ (qv) co-star, 'Ken Foree' (qv), also hails from Indianapolis, Indiana.

-   Attended college in both California and at the New School in New York City.

-   Co-writer of the book "Married to a Stranger".

-   [on why she stopped acting] Acting was difficult for me and I wasn't having a good time at it. Getting employed is very hard.

-   "Fangoria" (USA), December 1992, Iss. 119, pg. 32-36,+80, by: Tim Ferrante, "The Dawn Patrol"

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