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Gil, Raúl Pepe Acolti
8 October 1905, Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
8 September 2000, São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil (pneumonia)
The Latino singer and actor Raul Roulien worked briefly in Hollywood in the waning days of the American movies' embrace of the "Latin Lover", a phenomenon which once encouraged the Austria-born Jewish-American actor Jacob Krantz to change his name to He began recording in 1928 and grew in reputation as a theater actor and composer as well. He emigrated to the U.S. in 1931 and became an actor, signing with 20th Century-Fox and making his movie debut in a Spanish-language version of _Charlie Chan Carries On (1931)_ (qv), called _Eran trece (1931)_ (qv). (Before Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer's 'Douglas Shearer' (qv) and other sound technicians at the Hollywood studios perfected dubbing, foreign language versions of films had to be shot for the export market.) He sang the Gershwin song "Delishious" for his second movie _Delicious (1931)_ (qv), but earned more attention appearing in the first 'Fred Astaire' (qv)/'Ginger Rogers' (qv) cinematic pairing _Flying Down to Rio (1933)_ (qv) as part of a romantic triangle with 'Gene Raymond' (qv) and 'Dolores del Rio' (qv) and for his singing of "Orchids in the Moonlight". He was married four times. Following his 1920s marriage/divorce to actress 'Abigail Maia' (qv), he married actress/dancer Tosca Izabel Querze (1909-1933), who died in a car accident on September 27, 1933 (it is rumored that 'John Huston (I)' (qv), the future Oscar-winning director and screenwriter, had struck her down while driving drunk, and the tragedy hushed up by MGM's 'Louis B. Mayer' (qv) as a favor to Huston's father, the great stage and film actor 'Walter Huston' (qv)). Whatever the truth, after finishing 'John Ford (I)' (qv)'s _The World Moves On (1934)_ (qv), he returned to Brazil where he continued to act throughout the 1930s. He married third wife actress 'Conchita Montenegro' (qv) in 1935 but they later divorced. When he ceased acting in 1938, he continued sporadically on television as a director from 1950 to 1970 and hosted TV programs as well as working for newspapers as a writer. He was married to his fourth wife, Valkyrie de Almeida, when he died of pneumonia in São Paulo, Brazil on September 8, 2000, a month before his 95th birthday.
Jon C. Hopwood

-   'Abigail Maia' (qv) (1928 - ?) (divorced)

-   'Querze, Tosca Izabel' (? - 27 September 1933) (her death)

-   'Conchita Montenegro' (qv) (1935 - ?) (divorced)

-   'de Almeida, Valkyrie' (? - 2000) (his death)

-   Became a widower when a car being driven by 'John Huston (I)' (qv) struck his wife, Tosca Querze. The car in question was registered to actress 'Greta Nissen' (qv).

-   Is widely considered the first male Brazilian star in Hollywood.

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