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biography of Rumi, Jalaluddin Muhammad

Jalaluddin Valad
30 September 1207, Khorassan, Afghanistan
17 December 1273, Konya, Turkey (fever)
Jalaluddin Rumi, Scholar in Religious Sciences and famed Sufi Mystic Poet, was born on September 29th 1207 A.D. in Balkh (modern day Afghanistan). Escaping Mongol invasions he travelled extensively to Muslim lands, Bagdad, Mecca, Damascus, Malatia (Turkey). Married Gevher Khatun of Samarquand and moved to Quonya (Konya in present day Turkey). Encountering the wandering dervish and Saint Shamsuddin Tabrezi, who introduced him to the path of mystical and spiritual knowledge. Author of six volumes of didactic epic works. His most famous work in seven books and 24,660 couplets is written in Dari and Arabic and commonly referred to as the "Persian Quran" by Jami. His son was killed with the mystic dervish Shams. He himself died on December 16th 1273 A.D. and his bier was followed by men of five faiths. The night became the "Sebul Arus" or "Night of Union", and ever since the Mawlawi Dervishes celebrate this date as a Festival. Rumi leaves the world a legacy of profound poetry and writings of the most intense spirituality and simplicity ever to be written. Rumi's "Divan-e-Shams" and "Mathnawi" are his most popular works worldwide.
Josef d'Bache-Kane

-   Jalaluddin Valad derived the surname "Rumi" from the Rum, the area in Turkey where he eventually settled.

-   Renowned Sufi poet.

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