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biography of Santley, Fred

Mansfield, Frederic
20 November 1887, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
14 May 1953, Los Angeles, California, USA

-   'Marion Simpson' (? - 1913) (her death)

-   Brother of actor/director 'Joseph Santley' (qv).

-   Son of actress 'Laurene Santley' (qv) and stepson of stage actor Eugene Santley.

-   (1901) Stage: Appeared (as "Master Thomson") in "Quality Street" on Broadway. Drama.

-   (1903). Stage Play: The County Chairman. Comedy. Written by 'George Ade' (qv). Directed by 'George F. Marion' (qv). Wallack's Theatre: 10 Oct 1904- 21 Jan 1905 (125 performances). Cast: Nina Ainscoe (as "Tilly'), Maclyn Arbuckle' (as "Honorable Jim Hackler, County Chairman"), Rose Beaudet (as "Mrs. Jefferson Briscoe"), Christine Blessing (as "Mrs. Elias Rigby"), Fred Bock (as "Riley Cleaver"), Claude C. Boyer (as "Cal Barcus"), Earle Brown (as "Tilford Wheeler"), Anna Buckley (as "Chick Elzey"), Edward Chapman (as "Jefferson Briscoe"), Howard Cuyler (as "Glabe Overton"), Charles Fisher (as "Elias Rigby"), Grace Fisher (as "Lorena Watkins"), W.J. Gross (as "Uncle Eck Milbury"), Harry Holman (as "Wilson Prewitt"), J. Sydney Macy (as "Vance Jimmison"), John Meehan (as "D. Montgomery"), Miriam Nesbitt (as "Lucy Rigby"), E.R. Phillips (as "Joseph Whittker"), Roy Richards (as "Amos Whitney"), George Ricketts (as "Jupiter Pettaway"), 'Fred Santley' (qv) (as "Chub Tolliver"), Willis P. Sweatnam (as "Sassafras Livingstone"). Produced by 'Henry W. Savage' (qv).

-   (1908) Stage: Appeared (as "Master Thomson") in "Quality Street" on Broadway. Drama (revival).

-   (1908) Stage: Appeared in "The Jesters" on Broadway.

-   (1913). Stage Play: Kiss Me Quick. Book by Philip Bartholomae. Directed by E.M. Bostwick and 'Philip Bartholomae' (qv). 48th Street Theatre: 26 Aug 1913- Sep 1913 (closing date unknown/31 performances). Cast: Charles Ashley, 'Arthur Aylesworth' (qv), Eugene Bottler, Emily Calloway, Louise Drew, Sadie Harris, Mary Hastings, Robert Kelly, Edward Kummerou, Laura Laird, Helen Lowell, Migno McGibeny, J.J. Sambrook, 'Fred Santley' (qv), 'Richard Taber' (qv). Produced by Philip Bartholomae.

-   (1916) Stage: Appeared (as "Stephen Overdraft" / "Owen Kildara") in "The Cohan Revue of 1916" on Broadway. (1916).

-   (1917). Stage Play: The Cohan Revue of 1918.

-   (1919). Stage Play: The Royal Vagabond. Musical. Anselm Goetzl. Additional numbers by 'George M. Cohan' (qv). Book by Stephen Ivor-Szinney and William Carey Duncan. Lyrics by William Carey Duncan. Based on an unproduced operetta "Cherry Blossoms" by William Carey Duncan, Anselm Goetzl and Stephen Ivor-Szinney. Musical Director: Gus Salzer. Directed by 'Julian Mitchell (I)' (qv) and Sam Forrest. Cohan and Harris Theatre: 17 Feb 1919- 3 Jan 1920 (348 performances/Production on hiatus from 16 Aug 1919- 7 Sep 1918). Cast: H.M. Arden (as "Ensemble"), Walter Blair (as "Ensemble"), Harry Bolton (as "Ensemble"), Gladys Coleman (as "Ensemble"), Betty Dair (as "Ensemble"), Frances Demarest (as "Princess Violetta"), Dorothy Dickson (as "Carlotta"), Ethel Duffield (as "Ensemble"), 'Mary Eaton (I)' (qv) (as "Rozello"), Eugene Elliott (as "Ensemble"), John Ellis (as "Ensemble"), Grace Fisher (as "Princess Helena"), 'John Goldsworthy' (qv) (as "Col. Ivan Peroff"), Roger Gray (as "Marcel"), Marion Grey (as "Ensemble"), 'Winifred Harris' (qv) (as "Queen of Bargravia"), Jessie Howe (as "Ensemble"), Catherine Hurst (as "Ensemble"), Carl Hyson (as "Capt. Dantzig"), Reba Kent (as "Ensemble"), Tessa Kosta (as "Anitza Chefcheck"), Ainsley Lambert (as "Ensemble"), Sadie Livermoore (as "Ensemble"), Robinson Newbold (as "Prof. Robert Aubrey Montague Hopkins"), Walter Palm (as "Drodono/Ensemble"), Marion Phillips (as "Ensemble"), Edna Pierre (as "Josette"), Helen Pierre (as "The Messenger"), 'Fred Santley' (qv) (as "Prince Stephan"), Louis Simon (as "Janku"), Beatrice Swanson (as "Ensemble"), Blanche Terrell (as "Ensemble"), Aimee Torriani (as "Ensemble"), Harry Walters (as "Ensemble"), Charles Wayne (as "Chefcheck"), Julian Winters (as "Sixtus"), Gladys Zell (as "Wanda"). Produced by Cohan & Harris.

-   (1921) Stage: Appeared (as "Jerry Lloyd") in "Two Little Girls in Blue" on Broadway. Musical comedy. Music by 'Paul Lannin' (qv) and 'Vincent Youmans' (qv). Lyrics by Arthur Francis. Book by Fred Jackson. Musical Director: 'Charles Previn' (qv). Music orchestrated by Stephen Jones and Paul Lannin. Directed by 'Ned Wayburn' (qv). George M. Cohan's Theatre: 3 May 1921-27 Aug 1921 (135 performances). Cast: Patricia Clarke, Daisy Daniels, Edith Decker, Carolyn Erwin, Madeleine Fairbanks, Marion Fairbanks, Helen Gates, 'Etienne Girardot' (qv) (as "Dudley La Fleur"), Ellwood Gray, Frank Hall, Fred Hall, Otis Harper, Dorothy Harrison, Kay Harrison, Vanda Hoff, 'Olin Howland' (qv), Jacquelyn Hunter, Emma Janvier, 'Stanley Jessup' (qv) (as "Capt. Morrow"), Julie Kelety, Edith Kessler, Evelyn Law, Muriel Lodge, Leonora Lukens, George Mack, Gayle Mays, Beulah McFarland, Margery Morrison, Paul Porter, 'Jobyna Ralston' (qv) (as "Ensemble"; only Broadway appearance), Fred Rogers, 'Oscar Shaw' (qv) (as "Robert Barker"), Rosemary Sill, Taylor, Harold Thompson, Jack Tomson, Tommy Tomson, Peggy Underwood, Fay West. Produced by 'Abraham L. Erlanger' (qv).

-   (1925) Stage: Appeared (as "Patrick O'Reilly") in "Kosher Kitty Kelly" on Broadway. Musical comedy. Book / lyrics / music by 'Leon De Costa' (qv). Musical Director: George Hirst. Music orchestrated by 'Hilding Andersson' (qv). Musical Staging by 'Ralph Riggs' (qv). Directed by 'A.H. Van Buren' (qv). Times Square Theatre (moved to The Daly's 63rd Street Theatre from 21 Oct 1925-close): 15 Jun 1925-10 Dec 1925 (166 performances). Cast: Beatrice Allen (as "Rosie Feinbaum"), William Brainerd (as "A Stranger"), Dorothy Gay (as "Zella Barnes"), Robert Leonard (as "Moses Ginsburg"), Basil Loughrane (as "Morris Rosen"), Jennie Moscowitz (as "Mrs. Sarah Feinbaum"), Charles F. O'Connor (as "Joe Barns"), Paul Porter (as "Wang Lee"), Marjorie Rooney (as "Zella Barnes"), 'Helen Shipman' (qv) (as "Kitty Kelly"), Dorothy Walters (as "Mrs. Mary Kelly"), Max Wideman (as "A Mysterious Gent"). Produced by Arch Productions, Inc. NOTE: Filmed as _Kosher Kitty Kelly (1926)_ (qv).

-   (1926) Stage: Appeared in "Nic Nax of 1926" on Broadway. Musical revue.

-   (1927) Stage: Appeared (as "Paul Travers") in "Kiss Me!" on Broadway. Musical comedy. Music by 'Winthrop Cortelyou'. Book by Derick Wulff (also lyrics) and 'Max Simon (I)' (qv). Based on a farce by 'Richard Kessler (I)' (qv). Musical Director: 'Alfred Newman' (qv). Choreographed by M. Senia Gluck. Directed by 'Edward Elsner' (qv). Lyric Theatre: 18 Jul 1927-13 Aug 1927 (28 performances). Cast: Betty Andrews, Nettie Bennis, Alice Blain, Myra Blaine, Olga Borowska, Dorothy Dawn, Dorothy Dixon, Dorothy Dodd, Desiree Ellinger, Gladys Englander, Mona Fay, Charles Lawrence, Joseph Macauley, Crystal Moray, Ursula Murray, Marjorie Peterson, Enid Romany, Eddie Russell, William Sellery, Hazel Stanley, Helen Thompson, Elvira Trego, Rosalie Trego, Ralph Whitehead. Produced by J.J. Levinson.

-   (1927) Stage: Appeared (as "Jack Gaynor") in "Happy" on Broadway. Musical comedy.

-   "Variety" (USA), 20 May 1953, "Frederic Santley"

-   "Motion Picture World" (USA), 25 November 1922, pg. 329, "Fred Santley with Cosmopolitan"

-   "Motion Picture World" (USA), 9 December 1911, pg. 795, "Pictures and Personality"

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