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biography of Saunders, John Monk

22 November 1895, Hinckley, Minnesota, USA
11 March 1940, Ft. Myers, Florida, USA (suicide)

-   'Avis Hughes' (? - ?) (divorced) (first wife)

-   'Fay Wray' (qv) (15 June 1928 - 1939) (divorced); 1 child

-   'Fay Wray' (qv)'s first husband and father of their daughter, Susan.

-   (1921) Stage: Wrote "Romance", produced on Broadway. Comedy/drama.

-   (1931) Stage: Wrote "Nikki", produced on Broadway (based on his short stories "Nikki and Her War Birds" and his film _The Last Flight (1931)_ (qv)). Musical comedy. Music by Philip Charig. Lyrics by 'James Dyrenforth' (qv) [final Broadway credit]. Musical Direction by 'Julia Lenzberg' (qv). Music orchestrated by Louis Katzman. Scenic Design by P. Dodd Ackerman, James Morcom and Karle O. Amend. Costume Design by Bergdorf Goodman, Samuel Lorber, Stein & Blaine, Faye Graham and Edith Faggen. Directed by William B. Friedlander. Longacre Theatre (moved to George M. Cohan's Theatre from 19 Oct 1931 to close): 29 Sep 1931-31 Oct 1931 (39 performances). Cast: Alexandra Alexander (as "Ensemble"), Rodolfo Badaloni (as "Benj"), Julia Barron (as "Specialty"), Charles Bath (as "Ensemble"), Maxine Bennett (as "Chorus"), John Brooke (as "Francis. The Washout"), Elizabeth Brown (as "Ensemble"), Cora Burlar (as "Ensemble"), Gertrude Byrnell (as "Chorus"), Frank Chapman (as "Specialty"), Anna Criena (as "Ensemble"), Ruth Cunliffe (as "Chorus"), Jean De Koven (as "Ensemble"), Adele Dixon (as "Chorus"), Manuel Duarte (as "Ensemble"), Natalie Dunhan (as "Ensemble"), Mimi Elsasser (as "Ensemble"), Eugenie Erganow (as "Ensemble"), Marjorie Fenton (as "Ensemble"), Albert Fontaine (as "Ensemble"), 'Louis Jean Heydt' (qv) (as "Willard Crouch / Wiffie"), Page Innes (as "Specialty"), Hunter Kaufman (as "Ensemble"), Sandra Laxer (as "Chorus"), 'Cary Grant (I)' (qv) (credited as Archie Leach; as "Cary Lockwood"), Sharon Lloyd (as "Chorus"), Jean Love (as "Chorus"), Agnes Marshall (as "Show Girl"), Rosalie McCallion (as "Chorus"), Modesca & Michael (as "Specialty"), 'Douglass Montgomery' (qv) (as "Shepard Lambert"), Martin Muriel (as "Ensemble"), Harriett Murray (as "Chorus"), Lillian Okun (as "Ensemble"), Lidia Ordinsky (as "Ensemble"), Anna Ouzonoff (as "Ensemble"), Marcel Rousseau (as "Specialty"), Mimi Ruskin (as "Chorus"), Ali Sellier (as "Specialty"), Bobbie Sheehan (as "Chorus"), Toni Soral (as "Chorus"), Peggy Stebbins (as "Show Girl"), John Stellato (as "Ensemble"), Louis Sterner (as "Specialty"), Bobbi Tremain (as "Kiss-Me-Quick" [Specialty]), Helen Tschirgi (as "Chorus"), Fania Tuli (as "Ensemble"), Alva Vaughn (as "Show Girl"), Nathaniel Wagner(as "William Talbot / Bill"), George Wald (as "Ensemble"), 'Fay Wray' (qv) (as "Nikki"), Marjorie Younger (as "Show Girl"). Produced by Harrison Hall. NOTE: Mr. Saunders and Ms. Wray were married at the time of this production.

-   Story: "The Flight Commander" (filmed as _The Dawn Patrol (1930)_ (qv), _The Dawn Patrol (1938)_ (qv))

-   Story: "The Bird of Prey" (filmed as _Ace of Aces (1933)_ (qv))

-   Story: "Death in the Morning" (filmed as _The Eagle and the Hawk (1933)_ (qv))

-   [on winning an Academy Award for _Cimarron (1930)_]: This is indeed a crazy business where I'm being sued for plagiarism on one hand and given the statuette for originality on the other.

-   _The Legion of the Condemned (1928)_ (qv) -> $12,000

-   _The Dawn Patrol (1930)_ (qv) -> $10,000

-   "Variety" (USA), 13 March 1940, "John Monk Saunders"

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