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10 November 1935, New York City, New York, USA
Pippa Scott is the daughter of screenwriter 'Allan Scott (I)' (qv), responsible for the 'Ginger Rogers' (qv)-'Fred Astaire' (qv) films and is an actress-producer in her own right. She was educated at Radcliffe in Cambridge, the Southern California Institute of Architecture in California and trained at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (RADA) in London. Miss Scott's debut was as the lead in 'Jed Harris (I)' (qv)' final production on Broadway of "Child of Fortune", based upon 'Henry James (I)' (qv)' "Wings of the Dove", on her return to the United States, and she never looked back. Other Broadway appearances followed such as "Miss Lonelyhearts"; "The Apollo Of Bellac"; "Look Back In Anger"; and "Mary, Mary", which she also took on national tour in the United States. Miss Scott acted in such films as 'John Ford (I)' (qv)'s _The Searchers (1956)_ (qv); _Auntie Mame (1958)_ (qv); _Petulia (1968)_ (qv); _My Six Loves (1963)_ (qv); _Cold Turkey (1971)_ (qv); and was a consistent performer in regional and summer theaters such as 'John Houseman (I)' (qv)'s Theater Group in Los Angeles and the Williamstown Playhouse in Massachusetts. She performed in scores of episodic television productions in the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s (see filmography). Miss Scott was a founding partner of "Lorimar Productions" which, as an Emmy-award winning television company, was the single largest provider of programming to the networks for two and a half decades and produced such classics as _"The Waltons" (1971)_ (qv); _"Dallas" (1978)_ (qv); _"Falcon Crest" (1981)_ (qv); _"Knots Landing" (1979)_ (qv); _"Eight Is Enough" (1977)_ (qv); _"The Blue Knight" (1975)_ (qv); _Sybil (1976) (TV)_ (qv); and _Being There (1979)_ (qv), among many others. Miss Scott also established "Linden Productions" in order to develop and produce a series of documentaries related to conflict and human rights violations. The company produced a 90-minute _"Frontline" (1983)_ (qv) documentary for PBS and Channel 4 in Great Britain about the hunt for the war criminal 'Radovan Karadzic' (qv), titled _The Most Dangerous Man in the World (1988)_ (qv), which took a special award at the Berlin Film Festival. Linden produced the ground-breaking introduction shorts for Human Rights Watch's annual fund-raising dinners in London, New York and Los Angeles; a UN-filmed tribute to Judge 'Richard Goldstone (I)' (qv), the Hague's first prosecutor for modern war crimes tribunals on Yugoslavia and Rwanda; the Hilton Foundation's filmed presentation of the International Rescue Committee and an information and promotional piece for reluctant signatories to the United Nation's International Criminal Court. Linden Productions is currently in production on a two-hour documentary based on 'Adam Hochschild' (qv)'s award-winning book, _King Leopold's Ghost (2006)_ (qv), about turn-of-the century Congo and the plunder which continues to haunt today's unstable African continent. Miss Scott also created the "International Monitor Institute". She was invited in 1992 to develop digital media archives for the war crimes tribunals on Yugoslavia and Rwanda and similar digital collections of other conflicts. The United Nation's Commission of Experts, needing professional help for the film and video collection relating to violations being investigated by the Tribunal, requested Miss Scott's assistance. The International Monitor Institute and its work on the development and collection of vast databases of video and filmed material for these tribunals is a center of film and video archives having to do with global hot spots, conflict and war crimes. They are used by public policy professionals, investigators, journalists, historians, students, forensic anthropologists, documentary filmmakers and others interested in the international political scene, human rights practices, non-proliferation, reconciliation and international law.
Christine Rho

This smart-looking, reddish-haired actress with the unusual first name seemed bound for a career in the arts from the very start. The daughter of playwright/screenwriter 'Allan Scott (I)' (qv) and niece of writer/producer 'Adrian Scott (I)' (qv), Pippa Scott attended Radcliffe and UCLA before traveling abroad to England and studying at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA). Back in the United States, she made an auspicious Broadway debut in "Child of Fortune" in 1956 for which she won the Theatre World Award. This attention led to live television drama and a contract with Warner Bros. She made her first screen appearance in a minor role in the 'John Ford (I)' (qv) classic _The Searchers (1956)_ (qv), had a co-lead in the little known melodrama _As Young as We Are (1958)_ (qv) as a high school teacher caught up in scandal, and was featured in the very last scenes as Pegeen in the madcap movie _Auntie Mame (1958)_ (qv) starring 'Rosalind Russell' (qv), but little else came about to further brighten her film star. Instead she alternated between Ttelevision and the stage over the years, tapping into a couple of series roles in the 1960s with the short-lived _"Mr. Lucky" (1959)_ (qv) (1959-1960) and a season on _"The Virginian" (1962)_ (qv) (1962-1963). As she matured she moved into sporadic character parts but little was seen of her by the late 1970s. She did play 'Dick Van Dyke' (qv)'s wife in the amusing film satire _Cold Turkey (1971)_ (qv) and found steady work for a time as 'Jack Warden' (qv)'s lady pal on the _"Jigsaw John" (1976)_ (qv) television series in the mid-1970s. In 1989, out of nowhere, she produced the film _Meet the Hollowheads (1989)_ (qv).
Gary Brumburgh /

-   'Lee Rich' (qv) (16 December 1964 - 17 October 1983) (divorced); 2 children

-   Daughter of screenwriter 'Allan Scott (I)' (qv).

-   Niece of writer and producer 'Adrian Scott (I)' (qv).

-   Ex-niece-in-law of 'Anne Shirley' (qv).

-   (1961) Unsold pilot: Appeared in a pilot for an adventure series called "Beach Front" featuring 'Keefe Brasselle' (qv) as a man hired to frighten away Miami's crooks and scoundrels.

-   (1957) Stage: Appeared (as "Betty") in "Miss Lonelyhearts" on Broadway. Written by 'Howard Teichmann (I)' (qv), from the novel by 'Nathanael West' (qv). Directed by Alan Schneider. Music Box Theatre: 3 Oct 1957-12 Oct 1957 (12 performances).

-   (1956) Stage: Appeared in "Child of Fortune" on Broadway.

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