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biography of Selick, Henry

30 November 1952, Glen Ridge, New Jersey, USA

-   'Heather Selick' (qv) (? - present)

-   [stop motion] Uses stop motion puppets or special effects in all of his films.

-   "Starlog" (USA), April 2009, Iss. 374, pg. 28-31, by: Joe Nazzaro, "Sweet Coraline"

-   "Projections 5: Film-makers on Film-making" (UK), 1996, pg. 94-117, by: Gregory Solman, "Bringing Things to Life by Hand"

-   "Empire" (UK), 1996, Iss. 87, pg. 51, by: Hilary Oliver, "Nice Peach"

-   "Starlog" (USA), December 1993, Iss. 197, by: Dan Yakir, "Twas the Night Before Halloween"

-   "Chicago Tribune" (USA), 6 February 2009, by: Web Behrens, "'Coraline' Director Keeps the Chills in Perspective"

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  1. Monkeybone (2001) (body double)
  2. Twice Upon a Time (1983) (sequence director)