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Selway, Philip James
23 May 1967, Hemmingford Grey, England, UK
176 cm

-   'Cait' (? - present); 3 children

-   Member of the musical group Radiohead, with 'Colin Greenwood' (qv), 'Jonny Greenwood' (qv), 'Ed O'Brien (II)' (qv), and 'Thom Yorke' (qv).

-   He and his wife Cait have two children

-   Radiohead's fifth album, "Amnesiac", is co-dedicated to Selway's son Jamie

-   All that overindulgence has always left me cold and a bit bewildered. The dark stuff is so alien to my character that I often feel slightly embarrassed. See it's like a badge of belonging, that stuff, and if you don't do it, it's like you're gatecrashing. Particularly if you're a drummer. Ever since 'Keith Moon (I)' (qv), us drummers have been expected to take it the extra mile, and I can't even manage the first mile.

-   You are never, ever gonna get a drummer to dis another one. It's part of the drumming rules, as important as being able to keep pace or smashing up hotel rooms. Drummers do not dis!

-   "Uncut" (UK), September 2010, pg. 14, by: Ben Marshall, "Ben Marshall Meets...Philip Selway"

-   "The Daily Telegraph" (UK), 13 September 2004, Iss. 46424, pg. 16, by: Bryony Gordon, "A lifesaver at the end of the line"

-   "Current Biography" (USA), June 2001, Vol. 62, Iss. 2, pg. 77-82, by: Geoff Orens, "Radiohead"

-   "NME" (UK), 13 December 1997

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