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27 July 1946, Bunic near Udbina, Croatia, Yugoslavia
5' 10"
'Rade Serbedzija' (qv) was born in Bunic (Korenica) in 1946. Graduated from the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb. Still a student, he started to play the leading roles in films and theater productions. He is remembered as an outstanding Peer Gynt, Don Juan, Georgij, Melkior, Oedipus, Hamlet, Leon and Richard III. He wrote and published four books of poetry and released four albums, as well as directed 12 plays (Balade Petrice Kerempuha, Kazu da je sova nekad bila pekareva kci, Judita, Hrvatski slavuj...). He shot more than seventy films (_Rdece klasje (1970)_ (qv), _Zadah tela (1983)_ (qv), _Hajka (1977)_ (qv), _Vecernja zvona (1986)_ (qv), _Bravo maestro (1978)_ (qv), _Variola vera (1982)_ (qv), _Una (1984)_ (qv), _Usijanje (1979)_ (qv), _Zivot je lep (1985)_ (qv), _Kiklop (1982)_ (qv), _Povratak (1979)_ (qv), _Horvatov izbor (1985)_ (qv), _San o ruzi (1986)_ (qv), _Kontesa Dora (1993)_ (qv)...), and starred in leading roles of several TV-series (Sam covjek, _"U registraturi" (1974)_ (qv), _"Prosjaci i sinovi" (1971)_ (qv), _Bombaski proces (1978) (TV)_ (qv), _"Nikola Tesla" (1977)_ (qv), _"Putovanje u Vucjak" (1986)_ (qv)...). He joined 'Vanessa Redgrave' (qv) to found a theater that produced plays such as Brecht in exile, Liberation of Skopje, Smoke, Opera Sarajevo. He took part in many charity and peace initiatives. After a world famous film _Before the Rain (1994)_ (qv) where he played the leading role, he was cast in films by prominent directors of the world (P. Noyce, J. Woo, S. Kubrick, F. Rossi...), in films such as _The Saint (1997)_ (qv) (P. Noyce), _La tregua (1997)_ (qv) (F. Rossi), _Prague Duet (1998)_ (qv), _Broken English (1996)_ (qv), _Eyes Wide Shut (1999)_ (qv) (S. Kubrick), _Polish Wedding (1998)_ (qv), _Stigmata (1999)_ (qv), _Mighty Joe Young (1998)_ (qv), _Il dolce rumore della vita (1999)_ (qv), _Mare largo (1998)_ (qv), _Mission: Impossible II (2000)_ (qv), _Space Cowboys (2000)_ (qv), _Snatch. (2000)_ (qv), and in _South Pacific (2001) (TV)_ (qv), _Hermano (2007)_ (qv), _Quicksand (2003)_ (qv), currently in post-production. He starred alongside 'Val Kilmer' (qv), 'Elisabeth Shue' (qv), 'John Turturro' (qv), 'Tom Cruise' (qv), 'Glenn Close' (qv). He lives in London.

'Rade Serbedzija' (qv) became internationally famous mainly for his supporting roles in Hollywood films in the 1990s. His film career has been long both in his home country and elsewhere. Serbedzija was born in the village of Bunic, located between Korenica and Licki Osik in Lika. In 1969, he graduated from the Academy of Dramatic Arts of the University of Zagreb and then worked as a Theadora actor in the Theadora "Gavella" and at the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb.

-   'Ivanka Cerovac' (? - 1987) (divorced)

-   'Lenka Udovicki' (30 June 1991 - present)

-   Father of 'Lucija Serbedzija' (qv).

-   Ranked #4 in Croatian-based monthly film magazine "Hollywood" in «Best Croatian Male Movie Stars of All Time» list. (November 2005)

-   He was a professor of Acting at Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, Serbia.

-   Founded the Ulysses Theatre in 2000 with 'Borislav Vujcic' (qv) in Brijuni, where he also directs and acts in most plays.

-   His neighbor in America is 'Benicio Del Toro' (qv).

-   Father of 'Danilo Serbedzija' (qv).

-   Plays guitar and sings so he had a few musical tours.

-   One of the greatest Serbian stage and screen actors.

-   On the London stage, he won critical praise for his work in Colin Redgrave's Moving Theatre Company staging of "Brecht in Hollywood" (1994).

-   One of the favorite actors of Macedonian director 'Milcho Manchevski' (qv). He and Manchevski worked together on Oscar nominated movie _Before the Rain (1994)_ (qv).

-   Won Golden Arena (Pula Film Festival) for his role in _Bravo maestro (1978)_ (qv) and in _Vecernja zvona (1986)_ (qv).

-   For the role of Athos in _Fugitive Pieces (2007)_ (qv) he won award for best actor at Rome Film Fest and was nominated for Satellite Award and Genie Award for the same role.

-   Is fluent in Italian.

-   Won Golden Arena at 57. Pula Film Festival for best actor in a leading role for his role in '72 days'; debut movie by his son Danilo Serbedzija.

-   He played a homeless man in Batman Begins (2005), which used Mentmore Towers as the filming location for Wayne Manor. This location was used in another film starring Rade Serbedzija - Stanley Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut (1999) where the location was used for the infamous orgy scene.

-   (1994) He acted in the plays, "The Flag," and "Brecht in Hollywood," at the Bridge Lane Theatre in London, England with Vanessa Redgrave, Corin Redgrave, Kika Markham, John McEnery, Oliver Milburn, Malcolm Tierney, and Ekkenhard Schall in the cast.

-   (1994) He acted in Bruce Cook's play, "Brecht in Exile," at the Bridge Lane Theatre in London, England with Vanessa Redgrave and Ekkenhard Schall in the cast. Lenka Udivicki was director.

-   "Vecernje Novosti" (Serbia), 3 January 2012, by: Marko Lopusina, "Srpski juris na Oskara!"

-   "Blic Europe" (Serbia), 8 December 2006, by: Aleksandar Novakovic, "Srpski glumci medju zvezdama"

-   "mi magazin" (Canada), July 2001, Vol. 3, Iss. 9

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