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5' 11"
Gerry Shanahan was born in Waterford City. He moved to Navan Co. Meath at an early age. He attended St Anne's primary school until age 7. He then attended De La Salle brothers school. He worked in the 'Meath Chronicle' newspaper for a number of years until he started his acting career. He is the holder of a Private Pilots license and is an American Kenpo Karate Black Belt instructor in Ireland. He attended the Gaeity School of Acting in Dublin and the Irish Film Actors studio in Ireland run by John Cantwell. He also trained with Margie Haber, Crystal Carson and Mark W. Travis in L.A. He also writes screenplays and and plays trumpet.

-   TV commercial: Eircom Phonewatch

-   "The Argus" (Ireland), 7 March 2010, by: MARGARET RODDY, "International release for local movie"

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Movies Directed

  1. The Job (2013)

Movies Produced

  1. The Job (2013) (producer)
  2. Voices (2011) (co-producer)


  1. Past Pupil (2005) (chaperone)