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biography of Shields, Fred

Shields, Frederick Hagenstein
18 May 1904, Kansas City, Missouri, USA
30 June 1974, Los Angeles County, California, USA
5' 8"
In Kansas City, Shields owned a theatre group, The Playmakers, and performed in stage plays. He also worked as a newscaster for WDAF radio. In 1929, he announced the plane flight of Germany's Graf Zeppelin over the U.S. In 1930, he came to Hollywood, CA, with Ger, his wife, Karena, and daughter, Evelyn. He was employed as the Station Manager for KTM Los Angeles. In 1939, he was President of the American Federation of Radio Artists. From 1940 to he 1965, he was the announcer on the Alka Seltzer News, KHJ, Hollywood. He also played Mr. Archer on "Meet Corliss Archer" both on CBS radio and television (_"Meet Corliss Archer" (1951)_ (qv)).
Evelyn Linda Shields Wheeler (daughter)

-   'Karena Plant' (18 May 1929 - August 1937)

-   Narrator for several animated Disney films, and memorable as the voice of Bambi's father in "Bambi".

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