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Ron Rafael Shimshilashvili
Dubi Big Ron Roniboy
26 November 1991, Netanya, Israel
193 cm
Shimshilashvili was born in Netanya, Israel, and later at the age of 3 moved to Antwerp, Belgium. His parents named hem Ron Rafael because when they were young they listened to the songs of a famous Israeli Hip Hop/Pop singer Ron Shoval and Rafael is the name of the grandfather. They gave him the nickname "Dubi", which means "Bear" in Hebrew, because he was as big and cute like a bear so often as a baby. Shimshilashvili grew up in Antwerp, Belgium, and attended Tachkemoni Atheneum. At the age of 15 Shimshilashvili moved to Miami! Shimshilashvili has said that he would "flip out" if he got a "B" and not an "A" in school, and has also described himself as having been a class clown. Although self-described as not academically gifted, he remained focused enough to achieve an overall GPA of 3.55. He subsequently appeared in theater productions at his high school, and began taking singing lessons. He was later signed to the Elite Talent Agency. Shimshilashvili began his acting career at age eight, playing Student on King Solomon Hotel. He said that he learned "everything" about how to act while on the show. He later had minor roles. Shimshilashvili has been described as having a Celebrity looks alike: Robert De Niro, Sylvester Stallone & Steven Seagal. Ron speaks various languages like Hebrew, Dutch, French, English, Georgian, Russian & Spanish. Ron at a young age of 15 started his modeling and acting career. For him, Modeling and Acting are fields that he's truly passionate about, but at the same time too, Ron is also an athletic guy who enjoys Basketball, Rugby & Water polo. Ron appeared in the following Films: What Teenagers Want to do, Hanoar Hatzioni, The Lovers and Friends Show, Crackhead Jesus the Movie, College Rule, International Lovers & The Fighter. He also had the following Television appearances at MTV's Is She Really Going Out with Him?, Neustria Tele's Halloween, Sun Sports Dwayne Wade's Buzzer, 3 on 3 Basketball Competition, Park Live, Channel 7's Weather & Alguien te Mira on Telemundo, Nisha, Zombie Land, Santa vs. Zombies , Chocolate Star Entertainment, Romantic City, Love Divided By Money, The Glades, Burn Notice & Rock Of Ages. Theater is also something that Ron is passionate on; he had performed at Tachkemoni Atheneum for Plays La Conference De Livre1 and 2, Bourla Theaters for Coffers Op Reis, Calibri School's for Zoo, Romi Goldmuntz Centrum for Bat Mitzvah Party & King Solomon Hotel for The Stand-up Comedy Show. Commercials are also something that Ron is passionate on; He has been on YOUniversity Commercial, Pepsi Commercial, Green Bay Packers Commercial, Taxman Commercial & Hollywood Hotels Resorts Commercial. Ron, aside from being a talented actor is also a professional model, represented by Elite Models. Ron shares in his recent interview with Next Hottest Model, which highlights the top models in both US and International scenes, "I love modeling, and acting, when I'm in the movie, I feel free, peace, just enjoying life!" Ron had taken various courses in Modeling from Ad Miami, Flair Modeling, and got what it Takes Modeling. He had done different major Print and Modeling campaigns with Fashion brand, Abercrombie and Fitch, Israel Magazines, Netanya Magazine, TKO, Armani Shirts & Modeled for Levis Jeans. In Feb 2010, Shimshilashvili appeared in "Crack head Jesus the Movie" which won first place at the "Delray Beach Film Festival". In June, 2010, Shimshilashvili appeared in the International Lovers Movie, which came out in Theaters in March of 2011. In November, 2010, Shimshilashvili appeared on a Pepsi Commercial. Shimshilashvili also appeared on MTV'S "Is she really going out with him", Later Shimshilashvili got an audition for a new movie "The Detective Story" Simshilashvili made the Audition and became the main character of this movie as "Vinny". In December 2010 Shimshilashvili Appeared on The Fighter. In February, 13th 2012 Shimshilashvili got nominated as "Best Actor" and won! Shimshilashvili also appears in Rock of Ages as a comedian! Now currently working on a new movie called "Romantic City" and on his first CD Album calls "Baby you are the one!"
Ron Rafael Shimshilashvili

-   (2011) Commercial for Hollywood Hotels Resorts - Interviewer

-   (2011) Commercial for Taxman - Prisoner

-   (2011) Commercial for Green Bay Packers - Fan

-   (2010) Commercial for Pepsi - Dancer

-   (2009) Commercial for YOUniversity - Basketball Player

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