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Nicholas Ryan Simmons
31 March 1980, Kingston, Jamaica
5' 11"

-   He served his country in Iraq as an infantryman with United States Marine Corps.

-   He graduated from Coconut Creek High School in Florida (Class of 1998).

-   Music video: "Let's Go" by 'K. Maro' (qv)

-   Music video: "Ask It" by Sharlene

-   (On the death of Michael Jackson) Our children's children will dance, listen, and talk about Michael Jackson. A hundred years from now, he still will be known as the "greatest entertainer of all time". My heart goes out to his family. Legends live forever. Rock on Michael!

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Movies Produced

  1. 5th of a Degree (2012) (consulting producer)
  2. Phoenix Falling (2011) (associate producer)
  3. Death & Life (2009) (consulting producer)