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Born in Cuba, Ylian spent her childhood years in New Jersey, Florida and Delaware before finally settling in Vermont. After practicing architecture for fifteen years, Ylian landed a small role as a reporter in A-Bo the Humonkey. Living in Vermont provided her with the opportunity to pursue small roles filming in Boston and the surrounding areas. Whilst based in Vermont, Ylian worked on films such as; Shuttle, Paul Blart: Mall Cop, The Proposal and the Tyler Perry film The Family That Preys. Upon returning to Florida where she now resides permanently, Ylian assumed a number of roles in both film, commercials and television including; Followed (James Kicklighter), Renee, Contagion, Good Deeds (Tyler Perry), The Investigator (Richard A. Romano), Osiris, Dr. G: Medical Examiner, Discovery Channel's Shark Week (2011) and Intrusive Behavior (Brian Troxell). Though Ylian continues to act, in early 2012 she made the move behind the camera and has added script supervision and production credits to her industry resume, adding to an already impressive list of accomplishments. Whether as actress or producer, Ylian has quickly proven her value both on and off screen and is in high demand for the 2013 film season.

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Movies Produced

  1. Seven Nights (2013) (assistant producer)
  2. The Magic of George (2013) (producer)
  3. Intrusive Behavior (2013) (producer)
  4. Quite a Conundrum (2012) (associate producer)
  5. "Cell/Phone" (2011) {Redial (#1.2)} (associate producer)
  6. "Osiris" (2011) {Transference (#1.10)} (associate producer)
  7. "Osiris" (2011) {You Are Safe Now (#1.8)} (associate producer)
  8. "Cell/Phone" (2011) {Pilot (#1.1)} (executive producer)
  9. Followed (2011) (executive producer)


  1. Intrusive Behavior (2013) (script supervisor)
  2. Seven Nights (2013) (script supervisor)
  3. "The Other Side" (2013/II) {Intersection (#1.1)} (script supervisor)
  4. Desires of the Heart (2013) (script supervisor)
  5. Desires of the Heart (2013) (stand-in)
  6. Final Acts (2011) (script supervisor)