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STA:RY 86 is a music collective founded by AntekZzz... & Tox Falkenbourgh in 2003. The two media design students decided to share their love to groovy, funny & smart dance floor music and started to mix sounds and ideas: the sound of STA:RY 86. Tox Falkenbourgh is fine beats programmer, guitar, keyboards, bass & percussion player. He also works on solo music projects, Der Verkehrsminister and produces the new coming German hiphop superstar Franky Love. AntekZzz... programs, arranges the tracks, sings & plays keyboards. He composes songs for his solo project & remixes for Auto, Billy Beatch, Jonaz, & Achtung Surrender. Singers & musicians join STA:RY 86 for one or more track release: Christopher Hemmans, Kristine Jacobsen, Eve S., N&ME & Lee Weisz.

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  1. "1-2-3 Moskau!" (2008)