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Terence V. Steele was born in Miami, Florida on Homestead Air Force Base. His father (Terence Steele Sr.) served in the air force and his mother (Patricia Smiley-Harmon) was a local athlete with a fiery personality. Steele moved around a lot as a child (between both parents), living in Indiana, Alaska, Arizona, and finally Decatur, Georgia where he grew up and spent most of his life. As a child, Steele was a class clown. Often getting into trouble for making jokes or just talking. As he grew older, he became much more disciplined; making the honor roll regularly and lettered in 3 sports. He was also the editor of his high school newspaper, where he first found his passion for writing and journalism. Steele went on to study journalism at the University of Georgia (UGA), where he also obtained a minor in drama. He found his passion for drama at UGA performing with the Black Theatrical Ensemble in most of their productions while he was there. Steele also produced his first short film at UGA in 1999. After college, Steele was convinced that he wanted to be a filmmaker so he attended the University of North Carolina at Greensboro for graduate school and studied film production. He produced 2 more short films there and acted in 3 other shorts, before finally being unable to finish his studies due to a lack of finances and being unable to pay tuition. After graduate school, Steele returned home to Georgia where he began a career in real estate that lasted for about 5 years. His plan was to go back to graduate school and finish his master's, but Steele changed his mind. He always wanted to produce feature films and in 2009 he was given that opportunity by filmmaker Kewin Muhammad of Prime Factor Films in Atlanta. Steele join Prime Factor Films' team and helped them produce 2 features. A few years later Steele ventured out on his own and stared his film production company: New Urban Cinema.

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Movies Produced

  1. Atlanta to New York (2013) (executive producer)
  2. Atlanta to New York (2013) (producer)
  3. Checkmate (2011/IV) (producer)
  4. The List (2010/II) (producer)
  5. The Fuzz & The Jive (2003) (executive producer)
  6. The Fuzz & The Jive (2003) (producer)