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1 June 1959, Thornton Heath, London, England, UK
6' 3"
Ian Stokell was born Ian Charles Stokell on June 1, 1959 to Charles and Doreen Stokell. He spent 10 years as Managing Editor of The Washington Post's Newsbytes daily online business and technology newswire between 1991 and 2001, and wrote more than 3000 articles, many of which are still available online. He received a BA Honors in Modern Arts (History of Ideas) from Kingston University, England in 1983, and a Master of Arts in Physical Education from California State University, Chico, in 2004. He has written a top selling soccer coaching book entitled "Coaching Women's Soccer: A Revolutionary Approach To Putting The Play Back Into Practice" (2001) available from McGraw-Hill. A writer of short stories, unpublished novels, and film scripts for 25 years, he is also a singer/songwriter. An accomplished photographer. Having grown up in South London his favorite food is Indian curry, his favorite music is reggae, and his favorite colors are blue and yellow together.

-   Works exclusively with his writing-producing partner, and co-owner of their Sliding Down Rainbows Entertainment Inc. production company, Lesley Paterson.

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