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27 March 1971, Owensboro, Kentucky, USA
6' 2 1/2"
Although over a decade of designing and managing large-scale projects globally, his arrival to film industry started in 2009. Beginning with a client's request to design an entire motion picture studio ($50M phase 1). After working through the sophisticated financing and investments needed for such an project, it started the professional rebranding. From here partnerships developed and growth has not let up since. Thus, the inception of Reinvention Media, Ltd., a production + investment company with offices in Louisiana and Florida. At present, Darren is enjoying developing several feature films, including acquisitions, investments, casting, and organizational management.
Reinvention Media

-   'Marla Echeverria Sumner' (qv) (April 2008 - present)

-   Has a beautiful daughter, Anibel Sumner, who lives in Naples, Florida. Born 1997.

-   Has created over five companies since 1998.

-   In 2008, Darren married Marla Echeverria Sumner, from Los Angeles and USC Grad. She is sister to Vaneik and Inger Echeverria.

-   Mother has been an singer/author/entrepreneur and father an insurance executive. His father passed away in 2002.

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  1. 3X Hero (2015) (executive producer)
  2. Cinderella Li (2014) (executive producer)
  3. Get Rid of Family (2014) (executive producer)
  4. Origami (2014) (executive producer)
  5. The Ledger (2014) (executive producer)
  6. Victims of the Fallen (2014) (executive producer)
  7. Fighting Belle (2013) {{SUSPENDED}} (executive producer)
  8. Jerome High's Scream Team (2013) (consulting producer)
  9. Nothing But the Bests! (2013) (executive producer)
  10. Net Effect (2011) (co-producer)