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biography of Sutherland, Jay

28 January 1983, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, England, UK
5' 10"
Jay is an English actor, who has played supporting, character and lead roles in theatre, commercials, television and film. His ear for accents has been displayed by his portrayal of characters from various regions in London, Yorkshire, Scotland, South Africa, California, New York and Alabama, among others. Always an artistic, sporty, and creative person as a child; it was when he was cast as the title role in a school play of 'Oliver!', aged 11, that he decided to pursue acting. Jay went on to do many courses and groups in theatre, and achieved various awards, accolades and academic qualifications in drama and theatre studies. Along with his love for drama and film, Jay played football; wrote stories and scripts; and learned karate and ju-jitsu, at which he achieved black belts in. In 2009 he played the title-role in 'Arthur's Lore' a short film funded by the UK Film Council. More recently Jay played the lead role in the feature film, 'Pulp', which is due out in 2011.
Matt Sutherland

-   He performed his own stunts for the short film 'Arthur's Lore'.

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