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biography of Thompson, Harlan

24 September 1890, Hannibal, Missouri, USA
29 October 1966, New York City, New York, USA
5' 9"

-   'Marian Spitzer' (qv) (? - ?)

-   Child: Charles Hestwood (c. 1921)

-   Production supervisor for 1,200 Army training films at the Signal Corps Photographic Center in Astoria, Queens, NY.

-   (1923- 1932). Active on Broadway in the following productions:

-   (1923). Stage Play: Little Jessie James. Musical comedy/farce.

-   (1924). Stage Play: My Girl. Musical/farce. Music by 'Harry Archer' (qv). Book by 'Harlan Thompson' (qv). Lyrics by Harlan Thompson. Musical Director: Ernest Cutting. Directed by Walter Brooks. Vanderbilt Theatre: 24 Nov 1924- 1 Aug 1925 (291 performances). Produced by Lyle D. Andrews. Staged by Walter Brooks

-   (1925). Stage Play: Merry, Merry.

-   (1926). Stage Play: Twinkle, Twinkle. Musical comedy. Music by 'Harry Archer' (qv). Book by Harlan Thompson. Lyrics by 'Harlan Thompson' (qv). Additional scenes and numbers by 'Bert Kalmar' (qv) and 'Harry Ruby' (qv). Musical Director: 'Max Steiner (I)' (qv). Musical Staging by Julian Alfred and Harry Puck. Directed by 'Frank Craven (I)' (qv). Liberty Theatre: 16 Nov 1926- 9 Apr 1927 (167 performances). Cast: Elise Bonwit (as "Louise/Sextette"), 'Joe E. Brown' (qv) (as "P.G. "Peachy" Robinson"), Frank Bryan (as "Ensemble"), Perqueta Courtney (as "Florence Devereaux"), Diana Day (as "June/Sextette"), Alan Edwards (as "Richard Grey"), Anita Firman (as "Suzette/Sextette"), John Gray (as "Telegraph Operator"), Patty Hastings (as "Jennie/Sextette"), Phyllis Hooper (as "Ensemble"), Wanda Jarzy (as "Ensemble"), Buddy Jenkins (as "Ensemble"), Dorothy Jordan (as "Ensemble"), Douglas Keaton (as "Ensemble"), Ann Kelly (as "Gloria/Sextette"), Therese Kelly (as "A Cutie"), Myrtle Le Roy (as "Ensemble"), Joseph Lertora (as "Jack Wyndham"), Flo Lewis (as "Bessie Smith"), Allyn Loring (as "Ensemble"), Alice MacDonald (as "Ensemble"), Dorothy Martin (as "Dolores/Sextette"), William J. McCarthy (as "Sam Gibson"), Ned McGarn (as "Ensemble"), Helen Mirtel (as "Ensemble"), 'Ona Munson' (qv) (as "Alice James"), Henry Nelthropp (as "Ensemble"), Frances Nevins (as "Ensemble"), Marion Nevins (as "Ensemble"), Anna Nito (as "Ensemble"), John O'Neil (as "Ensemble"), John Sheehan (as "Harry"), Betty Sheldon (as "Ensemble"), Nerene Swinton (as "Ensemble"), Frances Upton (as "Jane Robinson"), Hazel Vee (as "Ensemble"), Betty Veronica (as "Ensemble"), Diana White (as "Ensemble"), Wanda Wood (as "Ensemble"). Produced by Louis F. Werba.

-   (1932). Stage Play: Blessed Event. Comedy. Written by 'Manuel Seff' (qv) and 'Forrest Wilson' (qv). Directed by 'Harlan Thompson' (qv) final Broadway credit]. Longacre Theatre: 12 Feb 1932- May 1932 (closing date unknown/115 performances). Cast: 'Jean Adair (I)' (qv), Robert Allen, Matt Briiggs, Charles D. Brown, Ollie Burgoyne, Kenneth Dana, Herbert Duffy, George Greenberg, 'Allen Jenkins' (qv) (as "Frankie Wells"), 'Isabel Jewell' (qv), Herman Jones, 'Walter Kinsella' (qv), David Leonard, 'Ralph Locke' (qv) (as "Louis Miller"), Eddie Lynch, 'Herman J. Mankiewicz' (qv) (as "Waiter"), John Morrissey, 'Lee Patrick (I)' (qv) (as "Gladys Price"), Dorothea Petgen, Roger Pryor, John Robb, Lynn Root, Frank Rowan, Henry Shelvey, Thelma Tipson, Mildred Wall, Milton Wallace. Produced by Sidney Phillips and Harlan Thompson.

-   "Variety" (USA), 2 November 1966, "Harlan Thompson"

-   "New York Times" (USA), 30 October 1966, pg. 88:5, "Harlan Thompson of Broadway, 76; Producer Is Dead--Wrote 'Little Jesse James'"

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