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29 November 1899, New York City, New York, USA
21 July 1995, Pasadena, California, USA (cardiac arrest)
5' 3 1/2"
Supporting actress in US films of the 30s.
Bill Takacs

The daughter of a stage entertainer, New York-born actress Genevieve Tobin started treading the boards as a child and appeared in the role of Little Eva in the silent short _Uncle Tom's Cabin (1910/I)_ (qv). Her older brother 'George Tobin (I)' (qv) and younger sister 'Vivian Tobin' (qv) also became stage and film actors. By her teens Genevieve was appearing as a sparkling blonde ingénue on 20s Broadway, steadily gaining notice with her chic looks and vivacious personality. Considered a medium-weight talent, she nevertheless tackled such roles as Cordelia in "King Lear" (1923) in addition to her usual frothy comedies and musicals such as "Polly Preferred" (1923). Following her New York performance in 'Cole Porter' (qv)'s musical "Fifty Million Frenchmen" in 1929 in which she introduced the song "You Do Something to Me," Genevieve started focusing squarely on films, particularly screwball farce, starting with a couple of glamorous leading lady roles in the early talkies _A Lady Surrenders (1930)_ (qv) and _Free Love (1930)_ (qv), one a heavy drama and the other a lighter comedy both co-starring 'Conrad Nagel' (qv). Genevieve moved into second leads as the 1930s flew by, however, often playing the arch or self-involved 'other woman' role. She appeared in fine form as the problematic third wheel in _One Hour with You (1932)_ (qv) with 'Maurice Chevalier (I)' (qv) and 'Jeanette MacDonald' (qv); _Goodbye Again (1933)_ (qv) co-starring 'Warren William' (qv) and 'Joan Blondell' (qv); _Kiss and Make Up (1934)_ with 'Cary Grant (I)' (qv) and 'Helen Mack' (qv); _The Goose and the Gander (1935)_ (qv) with 'Kay Francis (I)' (qv) and 'George Brent (I)' (qv); and, her last, _No Time for Comedy (1940)_ (qv) which paired up 'James Stewart (I)' (qv) with 'Rosalind Russell' (qv), and was also directed by her husband (and former stage actor) 'William Keighley' (qv). Genevieve abandoned her career for high society after marrying Keighley and never looked back -- her marriage lasting 46 years until his death in 1984 at age 90+. Genevieve herself would live to become a nonagenarian, dying of natural causes in 1995 in Pasadena, California.
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-   'William Keighley' (qv) (20 September 1938 - 24 June 1984) (his death)

-   Sister of actor 'George Tobin (II)' (qv) and actress 'Vivian Tobin' (qv).

-   Appeared on Broadway from 1912-30 in the following productions:

-   Disraeli (1912). (revival).

-   Oh, Look! (1918). Musical comedy.

-   Palmy Days (1919). Comedy-drama. Written by 'Augustus E. Thomas' (qv). Playhouse Theatre: 27 Oct 1919- Dec 1919 (closing date unknown/50 performances). Cast: Eugenie Campbell, Lillian Dix (as "Mrs. Curley"), Edward J. Guhl, Mattie Keene, 'Wilton Lackaye' (qv) (as "Kaintuck"), George Le Guere, Alexis M. Polianov, Grace Reals, John Robb, Emmett Shackelford, Olaf Skavlan, 'Harry Southard' (qv) (as "Bud Farrell"), George Spaulding, 'Genevieve Tobin' (qv) (as "The Cricket"), Thomas Walsh, Edgar M. Wolley. Produced by 'Arthur Hopkins' (qv).

-   Little Old New York (1920). Comedy.

-   Polly Preferred (1923). Comedy.

-   King Lear (1923). Tragedy (revival). Written by 'William Shakespeare (I)' (qv). Directed by Reginald Pole. Earl Carroll Theatre: 9 Mar 1923- Mar 1923 (closing date unknown/2 performances). Cast: Frank Arundel (as "Duke of Cornwall"), William Austin (as "Oswald, Goneril's Steward"), Lawrence Cecil (as "Edmund, Gloucester's Bastard Son"), Norman Cope (as "Curan"), 'Paul Huber (I)' (qv) (as "Duke of Albany"), Arthur Hughes (as "Earl of Gloucester"), 'Moffat Johnston' (qv) (as "Earl of Kent"), Winifred Johnston (as "Goneril, Lear's Daughter"), Beata Karm/Fool"), Kirah Markham (as "Regan, Lear's Daughter"), Reginald Pole (as "King Lear of Britain"), Jameson Reilly (as "Duke of Burgundy"), Gregory Safranac King of France"), 'Lawrence Tibbett' (qv) (as "Edgar, Gloucester's Son"), 'Genevieve Tobin' (qv) (as "Cordelia, Lear's Daughter"). Produced by Reginald Pole.

-   Dear Sir (1924). Musical comedy. Music by 'Jerome Kern' (qv). Book by 'Edgar Selwyn' (qv). Lyrics by 'Howard Dietz' (qv). Musical Director: Gus Salzer. Music orchestrated by Allan K. Foster. Choreographed by David Bennett. Directed by 'David Burton (I)' (qv). Times Square Theatre: 23 Sep 1924- 4 Oct 1924 (15 performances). Cast: Joseph Allen, June Baldwin, Ida Berry, William Boren, Hazel Bunting, Betty Campbell, Helen Carrington, 'Walter Catlett' (qv) (as "Andrew Bloxom"), Austin Clark, Ritchy Craig, Clifford Daly, Regina Daw, Marion Donnelly, Josephine Dunn, Victoire Dutel, Dorothy Fitzgibbon, Raymond Hall, Madeline Janis, Norman Jefferson, Janearl Johnson, Katherine Kohler, Trudy Lake, Ainsley Lambert, Lovey Lee, 'Arthur Lipson' (qv) (as "Louis, Maitre d'Hotel at Sherry's"), Clair Lipton, 'Claire Luce' (qv) (as "Clair"), Kathlene Martyn, Margery Martyn, John McCullough, Beth Meakins, Francis Murphy, Helen Orb, Evelyn Plumador, Geraldine Reavard, Dorothea Richmond, Rita Royce, Frank Schulze, 'Oscar Shaw' (qv) (as "Laddie Munn"), Allen Stevens, George Sweet, 'Genevieve Tobin' (qv) (as "Dorothy Fair"), Julia Warren, Peggy Watts, William Wilder, Billy Wilson, Devah Worrell. Produced by Philip Goodman.

-   The Youngest (1924). Comedy.

-   Treat 'em Rough (1926). Comedy.

-   This Woman Business (1926). Comedy.

-   Murray Hill (1927). Farce.

-   Fifty Million Frenchmen (1929). Musical comedy. Music by Cole Porter. Book by 'Herbert Fields' (qv). Lyrics by 'Cole Porter' (qv). Musical Director: Gene Salzer. Choreographed by 'Larry Ceballos' (qv). Costume Design by Brooks Costume Company and James Reynolds. Production Supervised by 'E. Ray Goetz' (qv). Scenic Design by 'Norman Bel Geddes' (qv). Directed by 'Monty Woolley' (qv). Lyric Theatre: 27 Nov 1929- 5 Jul 1930 (254 performances). Cast: Marjorie Arnold, Josephine Barnhardt, Jack Barrett, Jack Bauer, Julia Blake, Frank Bochetta, Betty Bowen, William Broder, 'Helen Broderick' (qv) (as "Violet Hildegarde"), The California Collegians, Josephine Carroll, Billie Cline, 'Betty Compton' (qv) (as "Joyce Wheeler"), Charles Conkling, Melva Cornell, Lester Crawford, William Culloo, Grace Davies, Dorothy Day, Nanette Deaustro, Jean Del Val, Marguarite Denys, Nancy Dolan, Theresa Donahue, Bill Douglas, Tanya Dumova, Valeda Duncan, Mary Dunckley, Lou Duthers, Mildred Espy, Helen Fairweather, Jack Fraley, 'William Gaxton' (qv) (as "Peter Forbes"), Regis Geary, Charlotte Geraud, Bob Gordon, Eileen Gorlet, Frances Grant, 'Thurston Hall' (qv) (as "Emmett Carroll"), Evelyn Hoey, Annette Hoffman, Larry Jason, Adelaide Kaye, Carol Kingsbury, 'Manart Kippen' (qv) (as "The Grand Duke Ivan Ivanovitch of Russia"), Meta Klinke, Betty Knight, Syuleen Krasnoff, Henry Ladd, Fifi Laimbeer, Robert Leonard, Lucille Lester, Teddy Lura, Oscar Magis, Pansy Maness, Jeanette Marion, Ignacio Martinetti, John Matsin, Lou Ann Meredith, Bernice Mershon, Florine Meyers, Bob Morgan, Gertrude Mudge, Frances Newbaker, Nor Norcross, 'George O'Brien' (qv) (as "Chorus"), Ethel O'Dell, Patsy O'Keefe, Belle Olska, Bill O'Rourke, Catherine Palmer, Marjorie Phillips, Lorraine Platt, Blanche Poston, Sue Rainey, Ernest Rayburn, Billy Reed, Anna Rex, Marusa Roberti, Sid Salzer, Pearl Shepherd, Frankie Silvers, Billie Smith, Marie Sorel, Helen Splane, Peggee Standlee, Edna Storey, Sam Suchman, Jack Thompson, Marion Thompson, 'Beau Tilden' (qv) (as "Chorus"), 'Genevieve Tobin' (qv) (as "Looloo Carroll"), Doris Toddings, Jack Tucker, David Tulin, Marie Valli, Arthur Ver Bownes, Mario Villani. Produced by E. Ray Goetz.

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