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Stefano Chiriaco
Toretto Rob
27 August 1982, London, England, UK
5' 10"
Robert Toretto was born in North West London (UK) and is of Italian heritage. He trained in the artistic lineage of Meisner at The Actors Temple in the United Kingdom. His teacher was actor Tom Radcliffe, who was trained by Sanford Meisner himself and Gary Condes. Before his work as an actor, Robert, also known as Stefano (by birth), was a successful personal trainer, he was awarded as the official Personal Trainer of the Year 2009 for Great Britain (International Fitness Showcase). During that period, he had his own TV show on SKY, was sponsored by an international sports brand (USN) and his images appeared internationally in established publications such as Men's Health and GQ magazine. Robert started by working on stage, performing in The Courtyard Theatre with The London Irish Theatre company, which was awarded as best Fringe Theatre Company in 2009, working mainly out of The Kings Head. Robert's first television appearance as an actor was on The History Channel in 'Gladiator: The True Story' as Narcissus, his physique and screen presence is clearly defined here. Robert is making a name for himself in the acting industry, someone who stands out from the crowd with his truthful and engaging performance's. Robert's name is becoming well known in independent cinema, which is bringing him commercial film success also. Robert is a qualified boxing coach with Gracie Ju Jitsu experience also. He was awarded distinction in Hand to Hand combat by the British Academy of Stage & Screen Combat, also training in broadsword, rapier and dagger. He also horse ride's to a good standard.
Shan Fernando

-   Athletic physique

-   Charismatic

-   Deep voice

-   He was nominated for the 'Mister UK' model competition and made grand finalist, but didn't attend the event due to other commitments.

-   He was a DJ to many of central London's top venues, going by the name, 'DJ Valiant', his close friend's gave him an Acting/DJ nickname, 'Val-Pacino'.

-   He was a music producer and had his own studio at the age of 19, releasing a record which sold 1000's in 2002, called 'Something's Gotta Change'. His production group was called Ultimate High.

-   After his first major appearance on an ITV show in 2010, he received close to 500 date requests and love letters.

-   Believe in yourself ...

-   I have always been passionate about film, I probably have 2,000 DVDs at home and I watch them all the time.

-   Personal Training and acting require similar skills, they both take hard work, dedication and passion. It took me the best part of 10 years to become regarded as one of the best PT's in the country and if takes me another ten years to get to the top in acting, that's fine by me.

-   Cemetery Junction was one of my first experiences on a film set and I thought this is great! I'd love to be the main actor, it really sparked my interest.

-   My inspiration is the possibility of achieving something to be in a position to help others. That's what drives me.

-   I have always been an achiever and perfectionist. Being bad at anything really gets me going!

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