Trimble, Laurence Biography

biography of Trimble, Laurence

15 February 1885, Robbinston, Maine, USA
8 February 1954, Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA

-   'Marian Constance Blackton' (qv) (1941 - 8 February 1954) (his death)

-   'Jane Murfin' (qv) (? - 192?) (divorced); daughter Jan

-   With his wife 'Jane Murfin' (qv), he brought 'Strongheart the Dog' (qv) to the United States, and tirelessly trained the former police dog to overcome his more dangerous tendencies. Ultimately, Strongheart became a champion dog, and later the first dog star in motion pictures.

-   In 1908 he sold a story about a dog to a New York magazine. The magazine hired him as a writer, and one day sent him to Vitagraph Studios to do a story about making movies. He took his dog, Jean, along with him and arrived at the studio at just the time when a unit was filming a scene with 'Florence Turner' (qv) and needed a dog. They hired both Trimble and Jean, and after the scene was shot both were asked to stay on. Trimble soon became a director and shot a series of very popular films starring his dog, 'Jean (III)' (qv). He later developed into one of Vitagraph's most important directors.

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