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Veronica Jadelynn Valentini, nicknamed Jade, was born on March 23rd, 1970, to mother, Joann, a former model, nurse and grief counselor and father, Maurice, a pharmacist. She was raised in Ohio, California and Arizona. Veronica has been writing short story and feature-length screenplays for close to 20 years. She has been producing independent film for three of those years. She is also an accredited script consultant and freelance video website designer. Veronica fell in love with the magic of movies and every aspect of filmmaking after becoming an uncredited extra, at the age of 13, in the movie Starman(1984), which was partially filmed in the small town of Winslow, Arizona, where she lived for many years. She has aspiring dreams of, one day, becoming a female version of Stanley Kubrick, Stephen King or Quentin Tarantino. "Jade" as most call her, is a huge movie buff, loves the exciting reactions of an audience, in a dimly lit theater, when certain scenes have captured their attention. She respects the craft of acting, writing, directing and has learned to appreciate all movie genres from any era of film, be they small, short story independents, or Classic million dollar Hollywood film, from silent movies to "talkies", Veronica, as do most people, lives out her fantasies, vicariously, through movies on the big screen. Veronica auditioned as an extra for Natural Born Killers(1994) but did not receive the part. Soon, thereafter, she moved to Ohio to be near family and to eventually attend Franciscan University in Steubenville, Ohio, with focus on Clinical Psychology and Creative Writing. Veronica has held a variety of jobs while pursuing her career, such as, a riveting machine operator, a plain clothes security officer for JCPenney's and a data conversion operator for the United States Post Office. She has also been a homemaker, wife and stepmother for many of those years. Veronica has been a major advocate for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital for over ten years, as well as a proponent for LGBT equality and strong supporter for the M.A.D.D organization.
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-   Veronica has two siblings - an older sister, Gina (b.1963) and a younger brother, Marc (b.1975).

-   Auditioned as an extra for a part in Natural Born Killers. She did not get the part.

-   Veronica's mother was featured in numerous magazines and local television commercial ads in the 60s for Maytag and White Owl Cigars.

-   Veronica is an actual ordained minister through ULC Monastery.

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