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Yvonne Vera is an actress, print model, script writer, and short film producer. Vera was born in sunny San Diego California and grew up in a Hispanic household with two older sisters and a younger brother. Vera grew up in a rough part of San Diego and had to endure many obstacles growing up. Coming from a low income background and having to struggle day to day to achieve her goals and dreams have made her a strong and determined person. In 1998 Vera attended her first audition in San Diego after hearing a radio commercial where they were looking for aspiring models/talent to join their team/classes. Yvonne got a call back and was invited to train and study the field of Improvisation and Cold readings. From that point on she began her career as an actress and model even if it meant driving hours and being stuck in traffic just to attend a two minute audition in Hollywood. Her first gig was a non-paying low budget music video where she was a bikini model. While still living in San Diego she booked a speaking role for a short film called "All American Burger." She eventually moved to Los Angeles where she booked more work. In 2005 she co-wrote and produced a short film called "little girl blue, what's become of you?" loosely based on a true story about a famous porn star who committed suicide in the 90's. The film was showcased at the Arclight Theater in Hollywood California during the 2006 Los Angeles Short Film Festival. This brought more notoriety to Yvonne Vera as her work for the film was noticed by different Indy web sites. Vera also participated as a background actor in the blockbuster hit movie "The Hangover" with such actors as Bradley Cooper and Zach Galafinakis. Vera Has also made several TV appearances for both English and Spanish audiences. One very memorable appearance was for a popular Spanish television show called "Don Cheto" where she participated as a bacherlotte for a dating segment of the show. Vera played a party goer and comedian Carrot Top's girlfriend on a pilot for television called "The Odds" and worked with popular TV host Jerry Springer on a taping of "Baggage" which produced high ratings.
Y. V.

-   "Action Magazine" (USA), 2008, "Fantasy Cars and Boats"

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