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Glen Gerald Warner
21 August 1962, Barrie, Ontario, Canada
5' 11"
Glen is the oldest of six brothers. He attended high school on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, afterwards he returned to Toronto to study technical theater at Georgian College in Barrie. In addition to working as a stage actor, for most of the '80s he worked as a concert stage tech for such acts as Bryan Adams, Pink Floyd and Bob Dylan. In 1994, Glen packed up his bags and moved his family, wife Ena, son Tyler and daughter Brieanne to Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He returned to acting in 2010, and is now a busy character actor & concert tech still living and working in Baton Rouge. Traveling and photography keep him active when not working on stage.
Jill Rooke Rose

-   'Ena Warner' (? - ?); 2 children

-   iMonster

-   Is blind in one eye and wears an eye patch now and then.

-   Has filmed in every major prison/jail in Louisiana.

-   Is a local Baton Rouge, Louisiana professional photographer.

-   (July 2012) Music video for the band Chee Weez - Producer

-   (2012) Music video for the band Bag of Donuts - Producer

-   (2012) Music video for the band The Molly Ringwalds - Producer

-   I may surprise you.

-   "Peninsula News Review" (Canada), 28 June 2012, pg. 15, by: Devon McKenzie, "Rubbing shoulders with Leo"

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