Waylett, Jamie Biography

biography of Waylett, Jamie

21 July 1989, London, England, UK
6' 2"

-   His favorite actor is Johnny Depp

-   Was hit by a car when he was 9. Doctors said he had almost no chance of surviving and if he did, he'd be brain-damaged. Jamie was in intensive care for 3 days and when the doctors were about to give up hope, a family friend of the Waylett's demanded the doctors to check his blood. They gave Jamie a blood transfusion and he woke up the next day and started to improve.

-   Once met with President George W. Bush in 2003.

-   Audition for the role of Dudley Dursley before accepting the role of Vincent Crabbe in the Harry Potter series.

-   On 20 March 2012 he was jailed for two years for violent conduct and one year for handling stolen goods during the London riots of August 2011.

-   Pantomime Jack & the Beanstalk Shaw Theatre 2001/2002

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