Wynn, Ed Biography

biography of Wynn, Ed

Leopold, Isaiah Edwin
The Perfect Fool
9 November 1886, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
19 June 1966, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA (cancer)
Long-time star comedian in vaudeville who, at the urging of his actor son, 'Keenan Wynn' (qv), would late in life take up acting, both light and serious. He is especially remembered for his role in the _"Playhouse 90" (1956)_ (qv) television drama "Requiem for a Heavyweight" and in the film _Mary Poppins (1964)_ (qv).
Bill Takacs

An old-fashioned comedian, who, by recommendation by his son 'Keenan Wynn' (qv), became one of the world's most beloved clowns, and one of the best actors of his time. He was born on November 9, 1886. He performed in the Ziegfeld Follies, and later had a son Keenan in 1916. He later wrote his own shows, then known as the Perfect Fool. In 1941 at age 54, he became a grandfather. He became popular for roles throughout the 1950s and 1960s, best remembered for _"The Ed Wynn Show" (1949)_ (qv), and for _Mary Poppins (1964)_ (qv) as Uncle Albert, who reflects his old style charm. He continued to perform, until he died in 1966 at age 79.

-   'Dorothy Elizabeth Nesbitt' (31 July 1946 - 2 March 1955) (divorced)

-   'Frieda Mierse' (15 June 1937 - 12 December 1939) (divorced)

-   'Hilda Keenan' (5 September 1914 - 15 May 1937) (divorced); 1 child

-   Disney movies

-   Unique whimsical voice

-   Father of actor 'Keenan Wynn' (qv), with whom he appeared in Disney's 'The Absent Minded Professor' (1961). (The two had also appeared in the previously cited "Requiem".)

-   Provided both the physical likeness and the off-screen voice of the Mad Hatter in Disney's animated 'Alice in Wonderland' (1951).

-   Interred along with his son Keenan Wynn at Forest Lawn, Glendale, CA., in the Great Mausoleum, Holly entrance, Daffodil Corridor. The epitaph on his niche reads: "Dear God, Thank You."

-   Grandfather of 'Ned Wynn' (qv) and 'Tracy Keenan Wynn' (qv)

-   Wynn was originally slated to play the title role in MGM's "The Wizard Of Oz". He turned the part down .....believing it was "way too small ...."!

-   Directed many plays and musicals before becoming an actor.

-   Suffered from Parkinson's Disease in his later years.

-   Received the Disney award "the Mouscar" during the wrap party of "Babes in Toyland".

-   Opened the opening night of the Palace in 1913.

-   Some of his more famous on-stage props: an 11-foot pole for people he wouldn't touch with a 10-foot pole; a windshield wiper to be served with grapefruit; a typewriter carriage for eating corn on the cob; a cash drawer that closed before you could open it; a non-wrinkling nightgown; and a cuckoo-clock fiddle.

-   Attended Central High in Philadelphia before running away from home to join the Thurber-Nasher Repertoire Company.

-   Once part of a two-year vaudeville duo with Jack Lewis, calling themselves "Win and Lose.".

-   At the end of the '30s, several of his business ventures collapsed, including a radio chain, and he suffered a severe nervous breakdown.

-   Organized an actors' strike in 1919, and was boycotted by the Shuberts as a result. He got around the boycott by writing and producing his own musical shows, which were both critical and popular successes.

-   The epitaph on his grave stone at Forest Lawn, Glendale, California reads: "Dear God, Thank You".

-   Wynn reluctantly began a career as a dramatic actor in television and movies, prompted by son Keenan instead of retiring. The two appeared in the classic broadcast of 'Rod Serling' (qv)'s play _"Playhouse 90" (1956) {Requiem for a Heavyweight (#1.2)}_ (qv). Ed was initially terrified of "straight" acting and kept flubbing his lines in rehearsal and was nearly fired. His quick ad-libs saved his performance, which is now considered one of his best dramatic roles ever.

-   Eventually he took his middle name of Edwin and adapted it into his stage moniker, "Ed Wynn," in order to save his European immigrant parents the embarrassment of having a low-style burlesque comedian as a relative. Running away from home at age 15, he first worked as a utility boy and eventual actor for a traveling stage company. The adventure was short-lived and he returned home to sell women's hats at his father's retail store until leaving again in five months.

-   Worked as an on-stage assistant to 'W.C. Fields' (qv) as a youth. The story has it that Fields caught Wynn "mugging" for the audience during his "Pool Room" routine and knocked him unconscious with his pool cue. In later years he and Fields, both Ziegfeld stars at the time, sparked a well-publicized feud but eventually made up.

-   Hanna-Barbera's Wally Gator's voice is probably the nearest to an exact impersonation of Wynn's "Perfect Fool" character.

-   He was awarded 3 Stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for Motion Pictures at 1541 Vine Street, for Radio at 6333 Hollywood Boulevard, and for Television at 6426 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, California.

-   Ed teamed up with son Keenan Wynn again, this time in the sequel Son of Fluuber. Flubber.

-   (1910- 1942). Active on Broadway in the following productions:

-   (1910). Stage Play: The Deacon and the Lady. Musical. Music by Alfred Aarons. Book by George Totten Smith. Lyrics by George Totten Smith. Musical Director: Ivan Rudisill. Musical Staging by Eddie Clark. Scenic Design by D. Frank Dodge. Costume Design by William H. Matthews. Directed by Alfred E. Aarons. New York Theatre: 4 Oct 1910- 15 Oct 1910 (16 performances). Cast: Lillian Baker, Gertie Barreto, Anna Bayuk, W.W. Black, Beatrice Caplet, Wanda Dean, Ida DeCampe, Eva Fallon, George Faust, B. Fetherstone, John Foley, Billy French, Georgie Gardner, Mayme Gehrue, H.W. Gray, Bessie Hale, 'Harold Healy' (qv) [Broadway debut], Charles Hoff, Dorothy Homer, Robert Hunter, William Izzard, Nellie Jackson, Percy Jennings, Harry Kelly, Arline LaCrosse, Claude Lea, Lee Leontine, Ethel Leyden, Lillian Lippkam, Lillian Mansfield, Aureals Marlow, Maedelyn Marshall, Janis McCann, Katherine McDonald, Birdice McLaughlin, Irene Messenger, Audrey Mohr, Hazel Mooney, Helen Mooney, Pearl Musi, Fletcher Norton, Beatrice Osgood, Clara Palmer, A.L. Rankin, P.H. Riblet, Velma Roberts, Milton Silby, Jeanette Singer, Estelle St. Clair, T. Stanton, C.G. Staples, C.G. Thompson, Marion Thompson, Nellie White, P. Wilson, 'Ed Wynn' (qv) [Broadway debut]. Produced by Alfred E. Aarons and Louis F. Werba.

-   (1914). Stage Play: Ziegfeld Follies of 1914. Musical extravaganza. Music by Raymond Hubbell. Book by 'George V. Hobart' (qv) (also lyrics with 'Gene Buck (I)' (qv)). Directed by Florenz Ziegfeld Jr. and 'Leon Errol' (qv). New Amsterdam Theatre: 1 Jun 1914 - 5 Sep 1914 (112 performances). Cast: Ottie Ardine, Jean Barnette, May Carmen, Stella Chatelaine, Herbert Clifton, Arthur Deagon, J. Bernard Dyllyn, 'Leon Errol' (qv), Gladys Feldman, Rita Gould, William Greenlaw, Bessie Gross, Freda Hirsch, Hilda Hirsch, R. Morton Horne, Kay Laurell, May Leslie, Ruby Lewis, Henry Lutz, George McKay, Louise Meyers, Vera Michelena, Dorothy Newell, Ann Pennington, Vivian Rogers, Gertrude Vanderbilt, Dal Vayne, Rose Wertz, Bert Williams, 'Ed Wynn' (qv), Addison Young. Produced by 'Florenz Ziegfeld Jr.' (qv).

-   (1915). Stage Play: Ziegfeld Follies of 1915. Musical extravaganza. Music by 'Louis A. Hirsch' (qv) and 'Dave Stamper (I)' (qv). Based on material by 'Channing Pollock (I)' (qv), 'Rennold Wolf' (qv) and 'Gene Buck (I)' (qv). Lyrics by Rennold Wolf, Channing Pollock and Gene Buck. Musical Director: Frank Darling. Featuring songs by Charles Elbert, 'Irving Berlin (I)' (qv), Seymour Furth and 'Bert Williams (I)' (qv). Featuring songs with lyrics by Ward Wesley, 'Irving Berlin (I)' (qv) and 'Will Vodery' (qv). Directed by Julian Mitchell and 'Leon Errol' (qv). New Amsterdam Theatre: 21 Jun 1915- 18 Sep 1915 (104 performances). Cast: Helen Barnes, Lucille Cavanaugh, Ina Claire, Peggy Dana, Ethel Davies, Emil Dwyer, Phil Dwyer, Marcelle Earle, 'Leon Errol' (qv), Gladys Feldman, 'W.C. Fields' (qv), Dorothy Godfrey, 'Bernard 'Bunny' Granville' (qv), Flo Hart, May Hennessy, Justine Johnstone, Evelyn Kerner, Kay Laurell, Gladys Loftus, Muriel Martin, 'Mae Murray' (qv), Oakland Sisters, May Paul, Ann Pennington, 'Carl Randall (I)' (qv) [Broadway debut], Helen Rook, John Ryan, Dorothy St. Clair, Margaret St. Clair, Melville Stewart, Olive Thomas, Miss Touraine, Lottie Vernon, Nancy Wallace, Dottie Wang, Bunny Wendell, Rose Werts, Will West, 'George White (I)' (qv), Edith Whitney, Bert Williams, Miss Wilson, 'Ed Wynn' (qv). Produced by 'Florenz Ziegfeld Jr.' (qv).

-   The Passing Show of 1916 (1916). Musical revue. Book by 'Harold Atteridge' (qv). Music by 'Sigmund Romberg' (qv) and Otto Motzan. Lyrics by Harold Atteridge. Additional music by 'Harry Tierney (I)' (qv) [earliest Broadway credit], Egbert Van Alstyne and Clifton Crawford. Additional lyrics by Clifton Crawford and 'Gus Kahn' (qv). Musical Director: 'Oscar Radin' (qv). Scenic Design by Edward Sundquist, A.W. Street, P. Dodd Ackerman, Dodge and Castle, Wickes, Unitt and Pelzon & Carson. Costume Design by Faibsey, Mme. Kahn, Hilarie Mahieu & Co. and Homer Conant. Choreographed by 'Allan K. Foster' (qv). Directed by Jacob J. Shubert and J.C. Huffman. Winter Garden Theatre: 22 Jun 1916- 21 Oct 1916 (140 performances). Cast: Mildred Anderson, Ted Andrews, Jane Angardi, George Baldwin, Elsie Bambrick, Jane Barton, Gussie Berg, Adolf Blome, Jack Boyle, Julia Bozzo, Bly Brown, David Brown, Millie Carlson, Bert Clark, James Clemons, Margaret Coghlan, George Collins, Guy Collins, Charlotte Cushman, Hattie Darling, Marjorie Dayton, Billie De Hon, Ann Delmore, Andrew Demarest, Frances Demarest, Ethel Dennison, Harry DeWitt, William Dunn, Elsie Durant, Pearl Eaton, Peggy Eleanore, Nancy Everett, Henrietta Faust, The Ford Sisters, Adele Forrest, Eleanore Franke, Ada Fuld, Betty Gans, Wilma Garrison, Bob Gilbert, Marion Glover, Dorothy Godfrey, Muriel Greil, Mabel Grete, Dolly Hackett, Agnes Hall, Grace Hall, Ona Hamilton, Andrew Harper, William Harper, Adrien Hayes, Harold Healy, William Healy, Mabel Hill, Stella Hoban, Flo Howe, James Hussey, Crissie Joss, Grace Keeshon, Mabel Kelly, Grace Kushan, Grace Langdon, Madeline Levine, Polly Lorimer, Ma-Belle, Charles Mack, Mona Mahler, Charlotte Marmont, Barbara McCree, Frank McMasters, Harry McMasters, Dolores Mendez, Emily Miles, Clyde Miller, Sophie Mills, Beryl Mobis, Florence Moore, Elida Morris, Ruth Murphy, Bud Murray, Mitzi Nada, Gertie Neilan, Blanche Parks, Evelyn Parks, Marion Parks, Ann Pauley, William H. Philbrick, Esther Pierce, Leonore Puron, Ruth Randall, Trixie Raymond, Agnes Richter, Matt Riordan, Clarence Rockwell, Vera Roehm, Saranoff, Peggy Smith, Abbie Stewart, Thamara Swirskaia, John Swor, Herman Timberg, Gladys Turner, Mazibelle Valeta, Mae Vaughan, Leila Von Holk, Fred Walton, Dorothy West, Ethel Westie, Lovett Wilder, Charles Wilson, 'Ed Wynn' (qv). Produced by Lee Shubert and J.J. Shubert.

-   (1917). Stage Play: Doing Our Bit. Musical revue. Book by 'Harold Atteridge' (qv). Music by 'Sigmund Romberg' (av) and 'Herman Timberg' (qv). Lyrics by Harold Atteridge. Musical Direction by 'Oscar Radin' (qv). Additional music by Anatol Friedland, Al Piantadosi, Fred Fisher, Nat Osborne, Billy Frisch, Howard Johnson and Henry Leslie. Additional lyrics by Billy Frisch, Alfred Bryan, Henry Lewis, L. Wolfe Gilbert, Al Wilson, Joseph McCarthy, Sam Ehrlich, Howard Johnson and Henry Leslie. Choreographed by 'Allan K. Foster' (qv). Production Supervised by Jacob J. Shubert. Directed by J.C. Huffman. Winter Garden Theatre: 18 Oct 1917- 9 Feb 1918 (130 performances). Cast: 'Sam Ash (I)' (qv), Elsie Bambrick, Kitty Berg, Tina Bidekoff, Rose Birdenfild, Gertrude Blake, David Brown, 'Eduardo Cansino' (qv), 'Elsa Cancino' (qv), Millie Carlson, Frank Carter, Rebekah Cauble, Chilson-Ohrman, Viola Clarens, James Clemons, Beatrice Cloak, Edna Commerford, George Coogan, James J. Corbett, Mildred Coughlan, Dorothy Court, Dorothy Coyle, Rose Coyle, Aieda Crucini, Babe Dakin, Beatrice De Roe, Anna DeLaurentis, Helen DeSeife, Harry DeWitt, Adrienne Dillon, Rosetta Duncan, Vivian Duncan, Ilene Edwards, Florence Elmore, Joe Evans, Nancy Everett, Virginia Fissinger, Jeane Fowler, Inez Francis, Mazibelle Glover, Miriam Glover, Sheila Goffe, Rose Goldhair, Mattie Gromley, Andrew Harper, Rae Hartley, C.L. Henderson, Mildred Holliday, Corinne Jackson, Sylvia Jason, 'Charles Judels' (qv), 'Roma June' (qv), Grace Keeshon, Mabel Kelly, Marie Kennedy, Allison King, Mildred La Gue, Elsie LaMont, Gwendolyn LeMassena, Helen Leonard, 'Adah Baker Lewis' (qv), Henry Lewis, Hilda Major, Charlotte Marmont, Virginia May, Carolyn Maywood, Barbara McCree, Ed. McHenry, Frank McMasters, Vera Mercer, Clyde Miller, Sophie Mills, Irene Mitchell, James Monohan, Helen Montague, Marion Mooney, Bud Murray, Bud Murry, Mitzi Nada, Leah Norah, Lucile Panteloff, Blanche Parks, Evelyn Parks, Marion Parks, Anna Paula, Mary Pell, Helen Pennell, Augusta Pessman, Edith Pierce, Leonore Puron, Hattie Rand, Jessie Reed, Nora Reed, Vera Roehm, Aileen Rooney, Nida Rose, Adele Rudolph, Billie Sheridan, Ingrid Slettengren, Floyd Snyder, Katherine Stang, Jean Staples, Reba Stewart, Ed Stokem, Ethel Sturges, Mildred Symons, Lola Taylor, Fay Teller, Herman Timberg, Frank Tinney, 'Fay Tunis' (qv), Gladys Turner, Rose Villa, Leila Von Holk, Henrietta Wall, Dolly Wallace, Eugene White, Edna Whitney, Ruby Whitney, Florence Wilde, Winona Wilkins, Ailene Wilmer, 'Ed Wynn' (qv). Produced by Lee Shubert and J.J. Shubert.

-   (1918). Stage Play: Sometime. Musical. Written by 'Rida Johnson Young' (qv) and 'Rudolf Friml' (qv). Additional lyrics by Ed Wynn. Musical Director: Herbert Stothart. Musical Staging by 'Allan K. Foster' (qv). Directed by Oscar Eagle. Shubert Theatre: 4 Oct 1918- Jun 1919 (closing date unknown/283 performances). Cast: Harrison Brockbank, Frances Cameron, Charles DeHaven, William Dorrian, George Gatson, Mildred La Gue, Francine Larrimore, Virginia Lee, John Merkyl, Francis Murphy, Fred Nice, Albert Sackett, Betty Stivers, Beatrice Summers, 'Mae West (I)' (qv), Harold Williams, 'Ed Wynn' (qv). Produced by 'Arthur Hammerstein' (qv).

-   (1919). Stage Play: Shubert Gaieties of 1919. Musical revue. Book by Ed Wynn, 'Edgar Smith (I)' (qv) and 'Harold Atteridge' (qv). Music by 'Jean Schwartz (I)' (qv). Lyrics by 'Al Bryan' (qv). Additional music by 'M.K. Jerome' (qv) and 'W.C. Handy' (qv). Additional lyrics by W.C. Handy and 'Blanche Merrill' (qv). Musical Direction by 'Oscar Radin' (qv). Music orchestrated by J. Bodewalt Lampe. Choreographed by 'Allan K. Foster' (qv) and Kuy Kendall. Directed by J.C. Huffman. 44th Street Theatre (moved to The Winter Garden Theatre from 6 Oct 1919- close): 17 Jul 1919- 18 Oct 1919 (87 performances). Cast: Ruth Alexander, 'Stewart Baird' (qv), Julie Ballew, Elsie Bambrick, Doris Benham, Bert Best, Jack Bohm, Lillian Brand, Rena Brown, Doris Cameron, Phyllis Cameron, Josie Carmen, Clayton & White, Gene Cleveland, Mabel Cloud, Betty Connelly, Gene Danjou, Madeleine Dare, Gertrude Doyle, Florence Elmore, Kitty Fallon, Marguerite Farrell, Harry Fender, Joseph Fields, Irving Fisher, Jimmie Fox, Arthur Freeman, Marjorie Gateson, Perle Germonde, Philip Gerold, The Glorias, Gene Gordon, Gilda Gray, Estelle Haddon, George Hale, Kathryn Hart, Peggy Hart, George Hassell, Olga Hempstone, Daphne Hicks, Llora Hoffman, Margery Hope, Arthur Hull, Alice Humphries, Hermosa Jose, Kuy Kendall, William Kent, Freda Leonard, Henry Lewis, Rose Light, Roberta Lomax, Ted Lorraine, Margaret Mack, Margaret Maloney, Frank McMasters, Gus Minton, James Monahan, Alice Monroe, Ruth Moore, Poppy Morton, Peggy O'Neil, Alice Parry, Polly Pryoe, Frances Richards, Mabel Roberts, Juliette Rooke, Edward Schanol, Muriel Sharp, Hilda Smith Fischer, Dorothy Snyder, Mildred Soper, Marie Stafford, John Stone, Alice Velie, Billy Wagner, Gladys Walton, Virginia Weyman, Ruby Wilbur, Billie Williams, Ina Williams, 'Ed Wynn' (qv). Produced by Lee Shubert and J.J. Shubert.

-   (1920). Stage Play: Ed Wynn's Carnival. Musical revue. Music by 'Ed Wynn' (qv). Book by Ed Wynn. Lyrics by Ed Wynn. Musical Director: Antonio Bafunno. Music orchestrated by Stephen Jones and Frank Saddler. Featuring songs by Alfred Bryan, Alex Sullivan, Walter Donaldson, 'William Eckstein' (qv), Chris Smith, Lou Handman, Ray Miller, 'Raymond Klages' (qv), Billy Fazioli, Ring Hager, Tom Brown and Clarence Seena. Featuring songs with lyrics by Alfred Bryan, Gene Buck, Grant Clarke, Alex Sullivan, Ray Miller, Fred Fisher, Raymond Klages, Billy Fazioli, Ring Hager and Clarence Seena. Directed by 'Ned Wayburn' (qv). New Amsterdam Theatre (moved to The Selwyn Theatre from 21 Jun 1920- close): 5 Apr 1920- 14 Aug 1920 (150 performances). Cast: Earl Benham, Jane Bowen, Violet Bristow, Joan Butlin, Elizabeth Chatterton, Catherine Doyle, Ursula Dale, 'Marion Davies' (qv), Dorothy Deane, Lillian Durkin, Carolyn Erwin, Orville Fisher, Lillian Fitzgerald, Evan Burrows Fontaine, Ida Gerber, Ann Greenway, Bess Hoban, Sadie Howe, Trixie Jennery, Olga Kale, Gladys Lee, 'Richie Ling' (qv), Beulah McFarland, The Meyakos, Simeon Moore, Florence Quarters, Ray Miller's Black and White Melody Boys, Henry Regal, Frank Ridge, Ted Roberts, Edith Rook, Herbert Russell, Fay West, Arthur Williams, Dade Winlack, Lillian Wood, Ed Wynn, Carol Young. Produced by B.C. Whitney.

-   The Perfect Fool (1921). Musical revue.

-   The Grab Bag (1924). Musical revue. Music by 'Ed Wynn' (qv). Book by Ed Wynn. Lyrics by Ed Wynn. Musical Director: 'Max Steiner (I)' (qv). Additional lyrics by 'Harry Pease' (qv), Edward G. Nelson, 'Cliff Friend' (qv), 'Ned Wever' (qv), Alfred Nathan, Mel Stitzel and 'Art Kassel' (qv). Additional music by Harry Pease, Edward G. Nelson, Ned Wever, Alfred Nathan, Mel Stitzel, Art Kassel and Walter Donaldson. Costume Design by Alice O'Neil, 'Charles Le Maire' (qv) and Mabel E. Johnston. Scenic Design by 'John Wenger (I)' (qv). Directed by Julian Mitchell and Ed Wynn. Globe Theatre: 6 Oct 1924- 14 Mar 1925 (184 performances). Cast: 'Janet Adair' (qv), Kay Annis, Francis Bell, Jean Castleton, Virginia Clark, Delphine Deery, William Earl, 'Marion Fairbanks' (qv), Margaret Ferguson, Ed Fields, Betty Garson, Maerena Grady, Aileen Hamilton, Virginia Kelley, Fraun Koski, The Le Grohs, Samuel Lee, Harriet Marned, Frieda Marr, Marion Meuller, Alfred Nathan, Tom Nip, Bee O'Quinn, Ormond Sisters, Florence Parker, Gladys Pender, Virginia Ray, Phyllis Reynolds, 'Ralph Riggs' (qv), 'Joseph Schrode' (qv), Susanne Shard, Albert Shaw, Trixie Shevlin, Mildred Sinclair, Bee Singer, Sybil Stuart, Violet Vale, Janet Velie, Jay Velie, The Volga Boys, 'Gertrude Walker' (qv), Winthrop Wayne, Ned Wever, Katherine Witchie, Ed Wynn. Produced by Ed Wynn. Produced under the direction of 'Abraham L. Erlanger' (qv).

-   Manhattan Mary (1927). Musical comedy. Music by 'Ray Henderson (I)' (qv). Book by 'William K. Wells' (qv) and 'George White (I)' (qv). Lyrics by 'Buddy G. DeSylva' (qv) and 'Lew Brown (I)' (qv). Music orchestrated by 'Maurice De Packh' (qv). Musical Director: William Daly. Costume Design by Max Weldy. Scenic Design by William Oden Waller. Additional Costumes by Schneider-Anderson Company and Juliette. Directed by George White. Apollo Theatre: 26 Sep 1927- 12 May 1928 (264 performances). Cast: 'Ed Wynn' (qv) (as "Crickets"), 'Ona Munson' (qv) (as "Mary Brennan"), George White (as "Himself"), Vada Alexander, 'Mae Clarke' (qv) (as "Viola Fay"), 'Harland Dixon (I)' (qv) (as "Bob Sterling, Stage Manager of Scandals"), Sue Elliott, Mary Farley, Suzanne Fleming, 'Paul Frawley' (qv) (as "Jimmy Moore, Mary's Sweetheart"), Messrs. Goff, Kerr and Barth (as "Embassy Boys"), 'Lou Holtz (I)' (qv) (as "Sam Platz, a Bond Salesman"), Ray Hunt, Sam Ledner, Doree Leslie, The McCarthy Sisters, Victor Munro (as "Micky, A Hudson Duster"), Harry Oldridge (as "Police Sergeant/His Honor, the Mayor of New York City"), Amy Revere (as "Helen King, Premiere Danseuse of Scandals"), 'Marcel Rousseau (I)' (qv) (as "M. Max Duval, of the Folies Bergere, Paris"), The Scott Sisters, James Scott, Adele Smith, Paul Stanton (as "R.C. "Arcy" Black, a Bond Broker"), Dorothy Walters. Produced by George White.

-   Simple Simon (1930). Musical comedy. Music by 'Richard Rodgers (I)' (qv). Material by 'Ed Wynn' (qv) and 'Guy Bolton (I)' (qv). Lyrics by 'Lorenz Hart' (qv). Choreographed by 'Seymour Felix' (qv). Directed by 'E.B. 'Zeke' Colvan' (qv). Ziegfeld Theatre: 18 Feb 1930- 14 Jun 1930 (135 performances). Cast: Will Ahern, Pirko Ahlquist, Bobbe Arnst, Mabel Baade, Elsie Behrens, 'Hugh Cameron' (qv) (as "Otto Prince"), Ben Carswell, Marie Conwal, Mary Coyle, Frank DeWitt, Marion Dodge, Alan Edwards, Caja Eric, William J. Ferry, Hazel Forbes, Agnes Franey, Dolores Grant, Harriet Hoctor, Anthony Hughes, Mildred Ivory, Alfred P. James, Pete La Della, Doree Leslie, Neva Lynn, Elaine Mann, Virginia McNaughton, Frieda Mierse, Villi Milli, Lee Morse, Patsy O'Day, Master George Offerman, Dorothy Patterson, 'Lennox Pawle' (qv), Georgia Payne, Lois Peck, Gladys Pender, Clementine Rigeau, Blanche Satchell, Joseph Schrode, Douglas Stanbury, Paul Stanton, 'Helen Walsh (I)' (qv) (as "Jewel Pearce"), Gil White, 'Ed Wynn' (qv) (as "Simon"). Produced by 'Florenz Ziegfeld Jr.' (qv)

-   (1931). Stage Play: Simple Simon. Musical comedy (revival). Music by Richard Rodgers; Book by 'Ed Wynn' (qv) and 'Guy Bolton (I)' (qv). Lyrics by 'Lorenz Hart' (qv). Directed by 'Seymour Hicks' (qv). Majestic Theatre: 9 Mar 1931- 21 Mar 1931 (16 performances). Cast: Albert Baron, Laine Blaire, Betty Blake, David Breen, Margaret Breen, Buff Bullard, Paul Butterworth, Jerrie Cragin, Muriel DeLova, Peggy Driscoll, Muriel DeLova, Frank DeWitt, William J. Ferry, Lulu Gray, Barbara Hamilton, Muriel Harrison, Harriet Hoctor, Pete La Della, James McKay, Virginia McNaughton, Frieda Mierse, Villi Milli, Irma Montague, Master George Offerman, Patricia Palmer, Renee Rivir (as "Peter Pan"), Jerry Rogers, 'Joseph Schrode' (qv) (as "The Horse"), Billie Seward, Harry Shannon, 'Wini Shaw' (qv) (as "Sal"), Marie Shea, Mimi Sherman, Ruth Simmons, Adele Smith, Gil Squires, Jack Squires, Flora Taylor, William H. White, Frances Williams, Ed Wynn. Produced by Ed Wynn.

-   (1931). Stage Play: The Laugh Parade. Musical revue.

-   (1936). Stage Play: Alice Takat. Drama. Written by 'José Ruben' (qv). Based on the Hungarian of Dezso Szomory. Directed by 'Frank Merlin' (qv). John Golden Theatre: 10 Feb 1936- Feb 1936 (closing date unknown/8 performances). Cast: Percy Ames, A.G. Andrews (as "Fritz"), 'Florence Auer' (qv) (as "Mrs. Dubra") [final Broadway role], Al Baron, 'Mady Christians' (qv) (as "Alice Takat"), 'Leo Curley' (qv) (as "Professor Glotz"), Florence Earle, 'John Emery (I)' (qv) (as "George Kroos"), Lloyd Gough, 'Russell Hardie' (qv) (as "Karl Helvet"), 'Nicholas Joy (I)' (qv) (as "Zuard Takat"), 'Arnold Korff' (qv) (as "Prof. Tardy Kroos"), 'Kate Mayhew (I)' (qv) (as "Mrs. Helvet"), Emmett Rogers, 'Peggy Shannon (I)' (qv) (as "Kitty Linderman"), Edna West, Marjorie Wood. Produced by 'Ed Wynn' (qv).

-   Hooray for What! (1937). Musical comedy. Music by 'Harold Arlen' (qv). Music orchestrated by Don Walker. Book by Howard Lindsay and 'Russel Crouse' (qv). Lyrics by 'E.Y. Harburg' (qv). Conceived by E.Y. Harburg. Additional orchestrations by Joseph Glover, 'Conrad Salinger' (qv) and 'Paul Sterrett' (qv). Musical Director: Robert Emmett Dolan. Music arranged by Kay Thompson and 'Hugh Martin (I)' (qv). Based on material by 'Howard Lindsay (I)' (qv). Scenic Design by 'Vincente Minnelli' (qv). Dances directed by Robert Alton. Directed and supervised by Vincente Minnelli. Winter Garden Theatre: 1 Dec 1937- 21 May 1938 (200 performances). Cast: Anthony Alert, Joanna Allen, Peggy Badey, Margorie Baglin, Al Baron, Dorothy Bird, Bidda Blakely, Ralph Blane, Ruthanna Boris, The Briants, Florine Callahan, Constance Carr, 'Leo Chalzel' (qv) (as "Herr Zingaroff"), William Chandler, Carrol Clarke, June Clyde, Harold Cook, Ford Crane, Maxine Darrell, Louise de Forrest, Helene Ecklund, Will Ferry, The Five Reillys, 'Franklyn Fox' (qv) (as "First Tough/Admiral Sir Basil Entwhistle"), Joel Friend, Peggy Gallimore, Phillip Gordon, Al Gordon's Dogs (as "Specialty Act"), Paul Haakon, Helen Hannan, William Hawley, Rita Horgan, Beverly Hosier, Frank Howard, Arthur Kay, Evelyn Laurie, Hugh Martin, Mary Joan Martin, Mary Meyer, Mickey Moore, Evelyn Moser, Meg Mundy, Edward Murray, Dagmar Nilsson, Mary Ann Parker, Wynelle Patterson, Bill Pillick, Leon Polinsky, Don Popikoff, Jo Raskin, Gracie Reilly, 'Marcel Rousseau (I)' (qv), Sid Salzer, Charles Senna, Robert Shafer, Ruth Shaw, John Smedberg, Virginia Smith, Sue Hastings' Marionettes (as "Specialty Act"), Barbara Towne, 'Vivian Vance' (qv) (as "Stephanie Stephanovich"), Marie Vanneman, Virginia Vonne, Carol Louise Wanderman, 'Jack Whiting' (qv), Armonce Wilkins, Castle Williams, 'Ed Wynn' (qv). Produced by Lee Shubert and J.J. Shubert.

-   Boys and Girls Together (1940). Musical revue. Conceived by 'Ed Wynn' (qv) and Pat C. Flick. Music by 'Sammy Fain' (qv). Lyrics by 'Jack Yellen' (qv) and Irving Kahal. Music orchestrated by 'Hans Spialek' (qv). Additional Arrangements by 'Robert Russell Bennett' (qv) and Don Walker. Musical Director: John McManus. Choral numbers by Al Siegal. Choreographed by 'Albertina Rasch' (qv). Choreography for the De Marcos by Tony De Marco. Directed by Ed Wynn. Broadhurst Theatre: 1 Oct 1940- 15 Mar 1915 (191 performances). Cast: Ed Wynn, Dave Apollon, Al Baron, Betty Bartley, Billie Bernice, Eleanor Brown, Trudy Burke, Maude Carroll, Phyllis Colt, Jack Connover, Jerry Cooper, Gloria Costa, Sally Craven, Renee De Marco, Tony De Marco, Patricia Deering, Helen Devlin, Adair Dollar, Florence Foster, Gloria Gaffey, Georgia Jarvis, Marjorie Knapp, Dorothy Koster, Frank La Varre, Paul La Varre, Lynn Lawrence, Walter Long, Lucienne and Ashour, Eleanore Marek, Iris Marshall, Mary Joan Martin, John McManus, Hazel Nevin, Dell Parker, Mary Ann Parker, Kay Paulsen, Jane Petri, Jane Pickens, Dick Remy, Dot Remy, Edna Sedgewick, The Six Willys, Ione Smith, Mira Stephans, Drucilla Strain, Davenie Watson, Ebe Willy, Ersilio Willy, Eugene Willy, Hermina Willy, Willie Willy. Produced by Ed Wynn.

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-   Garry Berman. _PERFECT FOOL: THE LIFE AND CAREER OF ED WYNN._ Duncan, OK: Bear Manor Media, 2011. ISBN 1593936761

-   Garry Berman. _Perfect Fool: The Life and Career of Ed Wynn._ Duncan, OK: Bear Manor Media, 2011. ISBN 1593936761

-   A comedian says funny things. A comic says things funny.

-   Wasn't it Whistler who said that a great painter was one who could hide the effort which he put into his work? The same thing goes for gags. It often takes hours to think up something that is said in seconds.

-   I'll be back in a flash with more trash. - his famous exit line

-   I can't give you a definition [of humor]. It is too subtle to be pinned down. I can say that it differs from wit, which exaggerates the truth, while humor presents the truth in an original way.

-   [on performing in radio] If I go on the air I've got to have an audience. If I am to get 'raspberries' I want them immediately and not three weeks later, in the mail from Sioux City.

-   _Hollywood Canine Canteen (1946)_ (qv)

-   _Shuffle Off to Buffalo (1933)_ (qv)

-   _I've Got to Sing a Torch Song (1933)_ (qv)

-   _A Cartoonist's Nightmare (1935)_ (qv)

-   _The Big Time (2002) (TV)_ (qv)

-   _I Like Mountain Music (1933/I)_ (qv)

-   "Life" (USA), 23 October 1950

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