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biography of Yates, David (II)

1963, St. Helens, Merseyside, England, UK

-   Use of hand-held camera

-   He worked at cre8 studios in Regent Circus in Swindon as a facilitator.

-   He trained as a director at the National Film and Television School in Beaconsfield.

-   His favorite directors are 'David Lean (I)' (qv), 'Ken Loach' (qv) and 'Martin Scorsese' (qv).

-   Is one of four directors to helm the Harry Potter films, the others being Chris Columbus (1, 2) Alfonso Cuarón (3), and Mike Newell (4).

-   Frequently works with composer 'Nicholas Hooper (I)' (qv) .

-   His favorite Harry Potter film is _Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004)_ (qv) .

-   In November 2011, announced that he was in discussions with 'Jane Tranter' (qv), head of Los Angeles-based BBC Worldwide Productions, to bring the cult series "Doctor Who" to cinemas.

-   People who work in television often don't think they can trust film makers because they are supposed to be a bit more arty and self indulgent, and people in film might think anyone who works in television is a hack. If we had more filmmakers working in television, and more television writers and directors working in film, we'd have a much healthier and more vital industry.

-   I like to create an atmosphere where actors feel safe enough to take risks. I certainly don't believe in being a macho bully; I'm not interested in frightening good work out of people. It's bollocks.

-   In an ideal world, I'd bounce between big projects and no-budget TV dramas with fantastic scripts. A lot of Hollywood films tend to be bloated, bombastic, loud. At the same time, I do like the infrastructure of making a blockbuster; it's like having a big train set.

-   "Metro" (Belgium), 12 July 2011, by: Craps, Chris, "Le réalisateur David Yates clôture la saga Harry Potter. "La meilleure histoire de l'histoire."

-   "Entertainment Weekly" (USA), 30 November 2012, Iss. 1235, pg. 21, by: Geoff Boucher, "Potter Director Sets His SIghts on Tarzan"

-   "The Sydney Morning Herald" (Australia), 5 July 2007, by: Stephanie Bunbury, "Uncloaked, the Whiz Behind Harry"

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