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Movies Produced

  1. "Independent Lens" (1999) {Dirt! The Movie (#11.22)} (post-production producer)
  2. Another Harvest Moon (2010) (post producer)
  3. Exporting Raymond (2010) (associate producer)
  4. The Ministers (2009) (associate producer)
  5. The Ministers (2009) (post-production producer)
  6. Dirt! The Movie (2009) (post-production producer)
  7. The JammX Kids All Star Dance Special (2006) (TV) (segment producer)
  8. The Second JammX Kids All Star Dance Special (2006) (TV) (segment producer)
  9. Into the Fire (2005) (TV) (post producer)
  10. Employee of the Month (2004) (associate producer)
  11. Running Wild (1995) (line producer)
  12. The Further Adventures of Tennessee Buck (1988) (associate producer)
  13. Red Nights (1988) (V) (associate producer)


  1. Dirt! The Movie (2009) (post production)
  2. The Believer (2001) (completion bond services: The Motion Picture Bond Company)
  3. Can't Be Heaven (2000) (production bonding: Motion Picture Bond Company)
  4. Ski Patrol (1990) (production executive: Trans World Entertainment)
  5. Kansas (1988) (production executive: Trans World Entertainment)