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Matthew and Jared Young are known for thriving outside the predictable confines of the proverbial "box." While they may look alike as identical twins, nothing they do is like any other production company. The Brothers Young reach beyond the ordinary, time and time again, as they explore uncharted territories of cinematic storytelling. Their original multi-media franchise, The Fantastic World, includes live and animated children's programming packed with original music and whimsical characters. By creating a second production company, Brothers Young Productions, they expanded their creative talents and abilities beyond children's programming and have the opportunity to explore a wide range of diverse genres. From the low-browed adult humor intrinsically woven through Galactic Perry's Learning Starship, to the post-apocalyptic drama of their latest sci-fi collaboration Remnant, they continually capture both the hearts and minds of their audience by taking a single idea and molding it into a whimsical world of fantastic possibilities. Matthew and Jared Young's imaginative productions are brought to life through their essential strengths: visionary producing, unforgettably unique art design, ingenious writing and talented acting and casting. Creative boundaries are simply nonexistent in the limitless, fantastic world in which they work.
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-   Matthew is an identical twin.

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