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Movies Produced

  1. Champion of Glory (2013) (co-producer)
  2. Frontwards (2009) (executive producer)
  3. You Got It Dude (2008) (V) (executive producer)


  1. "Lost Angels" (2013) (second assistant accountant)
  2. Man of Steel (2013) (second assistant accountant)
  3. The Five-Year Engagement (2012) (key second assistant accountant)
  4. A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas (2011) (second assistant accountant)
  5. Switchboard (2011) (data wrangler)
  6. The Rum Diary (2011) (second assistant accountant)
  7. "The Chicago Code" (2011) {Pilot (#1.1)} (second assistant accountant) (uncredited)
  8. Public Enemies (2009) (second assistant accountant)
  9. "Heroes" (2006/II) {Chapter Eight 'Into Asylum' (#3.21)} (accounting clerk) (uncredited)
  10. "Heroes" (2006/II) {Chapter Eleven 'I Am Sylar' (#3.24)} (accounting clerk) (uncredited)
  11. "Heroes" (2006/II) {Chapter Five 'Exposed' (#3.18)} (accounting clerk) (uncredited)
  12. "Heroes" (2006/II) {Chapter Four 'Cold Wars' (#3.17)} (accounting clerk) (uncredited)
  13. "Heroes" (2006/II) {Chapter Nine 'Turn and Face the Strange' (#3.22)} (accounting clerk) (uncredited)
  14. "Heroes" (2006/II) {Chapter One 'A Clear and Present Danger' (#3.14)} (accounting clerk) (uncredited)
  15. "Heroes" (2006/II) {Chapter Seven 'Cold Snap' (#3.20)} (accounting clerk) (uncredited)
  16. "Heroes" (2006/II) {Chapter Six 'Shades of Gray' (#3.19)} (accounting clerk) (uncredited)
  17. "Heroes" (2006/II) {Chapter Ten '1961' (#3.23)} (accounting clerk) (uncredited)
  18. "Heroes" (2006/II) {Chapter Three 'Building 26' (#3.16)} (accounting clerk) (uncredited)
  19. "Heroes" (2006/II) {Chapter Twelve 'An Invisible Thread' (#3.25)} (accounting clerk) (uncredited)
  20. "Heroes" (2006/II) {Chapter Two 'Trust and Blood' (#3.15)} (accounting clerk) (uncredited)
  21. Family Practice (2008) (TV) (accounting clerk)
  22. "Heroes" (2006/II) {Chapter Eight 'Villains' (#3.8)} (accounting clerk) (uncredited)
  23. "Heroes" (2006/II) {Chapter Eleven 'The Eclipse - Part 2' (#3.11)} (accounting clerk) (uncredited)
  24. "Heroes" (2006/II) {Chapter Nine 'It's Coming' (#3.9)} (accounting clerk) (uncredited)
  25. "Heroes" (2006/II) {Chapter Seven 'Eris Quod Sum' (#3.7)} (accounting clerk) (uncredited)
  26. "Heroes" (2006/II) {Chapter Ten 'The Eclipse Part 1' (#3.10)} (accounting clerk) (uncredited)
  27. "Heroes" (2006/II) {Chapter Thirteen 'Dual' (#3.13)} (accounting clerk) (uncredited)
  28. "Heroes" (2006/II) {Chapter Twelve 'Our Father' (#3.12)} (accounting clerk) (uncredited)