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biography of Zwar, Charles

-   (1948) Melville and his revue, "A La Carte," was performed at the Savoy Theatre in London, England with Hermione Baddeley and Henry Kendall in the cast.

-   (1952) He composed music for Alan Melville, Simon Phipps, Paul Dehn, and Herbret Farjeon's revue, "Penny Plain," at the St. Martin's Theatre in London, England with Joyce Grenfell, Elisabeth Welch, Max Adrian, Desmond Walter-Ellis, Rose Hill, Moyra Fraser, Julian Orchard, and Jimmy Thompson in the cast. Laurier Lister was director. Richard Addinsell, Donald Swann, Clifton Parker, and Sandy Wilson were also composers. Joyce Grenfell and Michael Flanders were lyricists. Hutchinson Scott, Oscbert Lancaster, and Ronald Searle were set designers.

-   (October 1960) He contributed to Dicks and Rudge's revue, "...And Another Thing," at the Fortune Theatre in London, England with Bernard Cribbins, Anna Quayle, Joyce Blair, Lionel Blair, Donald Hewlett, and Anton Rodgers in the cast. Charles Ross was director. Alan Melville, Lionel Bart, and Barry Cryer were also contributors.

-   (1963) He was the musical director for Alan Melville's revue, "All Square," at the Vaudeville Theatre in London, England with Beryl Reid, Naunton Wayne, Anna Dawson, Nicky Henson, Julian Holloway, and Joyce Blair in the cast. Charles Hickman was director.

-   (1965) He contributed to the revue, "Hello Watford Goodbye," at the Palace Theatre in Watford, London, England with Jimmy Perry, Gilda Perry, Ben Hawthorne, Linda James, Michael Knowles, and Ruth Llewellyn in the cast. Arthur Macrae, Richard Addinsell, Michael Flanders and Donald Swann, Vivian Ellis, and Alan Melville were also contributors.

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