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  1. Documentary
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13 Million represents not only a nation of Cuban people living inside and outside of the island, but every person in this world that deserves their voices to be heard. This film is a mission of hope against the harsh face of adversity faced at every turn. This is a story of world renown rock stars and young hopefuls with a dream to transcend the barriers of politics and reach isolated people. This journey is about the one of the largest concert in world history that almost didn't happen... but did. This is a call for change in the name of hope. This is an underground music filled trip into the unspoken under belly of every Cuban heart. This is the best Cuban story told since the one about guys in green fatigues in the name of social justice. This one is for social consciousness and the transcendence of excuses for human injustice. '13' is a wild wide into the first day of a new dream for Cuba and the world. Anonymous Plot not found

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