1500 Steps (2013) Movie

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Production Company
Earl Street Pictures [au] - (presents)
Little Biddy Pictures [au]

Production Designer

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Release Date
(Australia) - 1 March 2013

Running Time

Life is a race.

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Technical Support
RAT:16:9 HD

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Full Cast

  1. Armstrong, Quentin as [Teenager 1] <24>
  2. Benson, Laura (V) as [Grace Glorious] <2>
  3. Bradley, Isaac as [Thomas Kickett] <27>
  4. Cameron, Peter (IV) as [Jonathon Wickett] <29>
  5. Carwin, Richard as [Tony Walker] <8>
  6. Curtis, Martin (IV) as [Hobo Smith] <23>
  7. Dear, Adam as [Samuel Mcloughlin] <5>
  8. Defries, Colin as [Principal Benjamin Rigg] <9>
  9. Fechine, Alex as [Jonas 'Jobe' O'Brien] <1>
  10. Gibbons, Andrew as [Grace's Dad] <30>
  11. Gledhill, Alfie as [Issac Johnstone] <11>
  12. Harris, Oliver (IV) as [Billy Beaudecker] <13>
  13. Hogan, Joel as [Jorge Sutton] <15>
  14. Jay, Tara as [Dr. Redgrave] <20>
  15. Matthews, Jack (V) as [Damon Dundas] <3>
  16. Metry, Diab as [Callum Smith] <14>
  17. Poria, Rupa as [Ibrahim Dib] <10>
  18. Proust, Dave as [Neil O'Brien] <6>
  19. Redy, Christian as [Jarred Freeman] <26>
  20. Reid, Josh (II) as [Pete Simpson] <22>
  21. Thomas, Keith (XVI) as [Harry White] <7>
  22. Varga, Vincent Jones as [John Freeman] <12>
  23. Weightman, Brad as [Ron Smith] <21>
  24. White, Dave (XXXI) as [Mitch Martin] <16>
  25. Benson, Laura (VII) as [Grace Glorious]
  26. Clay, Rebecca (II) as [Elizabeth Brooker] <18>
  27. Gibbons, Maurine as [Mary O'Brien] <19>
  28. Hooker, Eleeza as [Emma Keith] <17>
  29. MacIntosh, Meg as [Grace's Mum] <28>
  30. Mackessy, Leanne as [Rebecca Dundas] <4>
  31. Picke, Amara as [Chantelle James] <17>
  32. Swarmy, Michaela as [Olivia Janic] <25>


  1. Drama

Movie Certificate

PG (Australia)(National Board of Review)

Music Composers

  1. Haschek, Jared (original score)


  1. Kajardi, Daniel (I) (director of photography)
  2. Karjadi, Daniel (director of photography)
  3. Raglione, Ben


Earl Street Pictures [au] - (2012) (worldwide) (all media)

Film Editors

  1. Kajardi, Daniel (I) (edited by)
  2. Karjadi, Daniel


  1. Baker, Michael (XXXVI) (making of: director of photography)
  2. Baker, Michael (XXXVI) (making of: editor)
  3. Burrell, Shane (post production supervisor)
  4. Gibbons, Andrew (bookkeeper)
  5. Gibbons, Andrew (making of: stills photographer)
  6. Gibbons, Maurine (caterer)
  7. Gibbons, Maurine (making of: executive producer)
  8. Harper, Chris (XIII) (animal wrangler)
  9. Madero, Nina (making of: interviewer)
  10. Madero, Nina (making of: stills photographer)
  11. Reid, Josh (II) (making of: producer)
  12. Robinson, John (LV) (accountant)
  13. Wray, Michael (III) (script supervisor)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Sydney, New South Wales, Australia


- While shooting one day on the beach, the Script Supervisor was so caught up in his work that he neglected to put sunscreen on his legs. By dusk they were so badly burned he couldn't physically stand for the next three days.