"15 Storeys High" (2002) {Ice Queen (#1.4)} TV Season

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Overview "15 Storeys High" Season 01 Episode 04 (S01E04)



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8.6/ 10 (15 Votes)

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(UK) - 28 November 2002
(UK) - 28 November 2002

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Full Cast

  1. Jones, Toby (I) as [Obsessive-compulsive man]
  2. Lock, Sean as [Vince] <1>
  3. Memarzia, Nasser as [Mehmet]
  4. Putner, Paul as [Double glazing man]
  5. Ritzema, Jake as [Liam]
  6. Serafinowicz, Peter as
  7. Webb, Steven (I) as [Dean]
  8. Wong, Benedict as [Errol] <2>


Vince: It's funny how different people seem when you're trapped in a lift with them Naomi the Ice Queen: What do you mean? Vince: It's just, I used to really fancy you Naomi the Ice Queen: Oh, what and you don't now? Vince: No. I thought you were perfect, now I realize you're just the sort of woman who gets stuck in a lift. Just like all the others. Naomi the Ice Queen: That's not my fault Vince: You wouldn't get Naomi Campbell stuck in a lift, would you? Naomi the Ice Queen: So? Vince: It just makes you very ordinary. Naomi the Ice Queen: Well you're stuck in a lift Vince: Yeah, but I'm not the one who swans about like Chris Eubank, am I, farting Wedgwood pottery into a golden bowl of rose petals?