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(Hollywood) USA

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Production Company
Diamond Docs [us]
Exclusive Media Group [us]
Flat-Out Films [us]
Spitfire Pictures [us]

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Release Date
(USA) - 2013

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Full Cast

  1. Andretti, Mario as [Himself]
  2. Barnard, John (VIII) as [Himself]
  3. Blash, Herbie as [Himself]
  4. Brundle, Martin as [Himself]
  5. Button, Jenson as [Himself]
  6. Chapman, Clive (III) as [Himself]
  7. Ecclestone, Bernie as [Himself]
  8. Fassbender, Michael as [Narrator]
  9. Fittipaldi, Emerson as [Himself]
  10. Hamilton, Lewis as [Himself]
  11. Hamilton, Maurice as [Himself]
  12. Hesketh, Lord as [Himself]
  13. Hill, Damon (I) as [Himself]
  14. Hogan, John (XIX) as [Himself]
  15. Hunt, Freddie as [Himself]
  16. Ickx, Jacky as [Himself]
  17. Jordan, Eddie (I) as [Himself]
  18. Lauda, Niki as [Himself]
  19. Lunger, Brett as [Himself]
  20. Mansell, Nigel as [Himself]
  21. McNally, Paddy as [Himself]
  22. Miles, John (XXII) as [Himself]
  23. Mosley, Max as [Himself]
  24. Ramirez, Jo as [Himself]
  25. Roebuck, Nigel as [Himself]
  26. Scheckter, Jody as [Himself]
  27. Schumacher, Michael (V) as [Himself]
  28. Stewart, Jackie (III) as [Himself]
  29. Surtees, John (I) as [Himself]
  30. Topp, Roy as [Himself]
  31. Vergeer, Koen as [Himself]
  32. Vettel, Sebastian as [Himself]
  33. Watson, John (XXXIV) as [Himself]
  34. Birbeck, Jane as [Herself]
  35. Hill, Brigitte (IV) as [Herself]
  36. Swart, Sally as [Herself]


  1. Documentary

Film Editors

  1. Crowder, Paul


  1. Bozhkov, Pavel P. (production assistant)
  2. Coe, Kate (archival research and clearances)
  3. Gosche, Andy (producers asssistant)