"30 Rock" (2006) {Nothing Left to Lose (#6.16)} TV Season

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Overview "30 Rock" Season 06 Episode 16 (S06E16)



Ratings / Votes
7.7/ 10 (119 Votes)

MPAA Ratings

Production Company
Broadway Video [us]
Little Stranger [us]
Universal TV [us]

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(USA) - 5 April 2012

Running Time



Technical Support
RAT:16:9 HD

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Full Cast

  1. Adsit, Scott as [Pete Hornberger] <5>
  2. Baldwin, Alec as [Jack Donaghy] <7>
  3. Brown, Kevin (I) as [Dot Com] <9>
  4. Chapman, Grizz as [Grizz] <10>
  5. Friedlander, Judah as [Frank Rossitano] <6>
  6. Lutz, John (I) as [J.D. Lutz] <11>
  7. McBrayer, Jack as [Kenneth Parcell] <4>
  8. Morgan, Tracy (II) as [Tracy Jordan] <2>
  9. Parnell, Chris (I) as [Dr. Leo Spaceman] <12>
  10. Powell, Keith (II) as [Toofer] <8>
  11. Prioleau, Richard as [Midnight Symphony] <13>
  12. Fey, Tina as [Liz Lemon] <1>
  13. Krakowski, Jane as [Jenna Maroney] <3>

Music Composers

  1. Richmond, Jeff (II)


  1. Reniers, Peter


National Broadcasting Company (NBC) [us] - (2012) (USA) (TV)

Film Editors

  1. Reticker, Meg


  1. Adams, Liz (V) (production assistant)
  2. Bernardone, Nick (script clearance coordinator)
  3. Byrum, Carson (production secretary)
  4. Gingerich, Sonja Beck (assistant location manager)
  5. Hanley, Elizabeth (second assistant accountant) (uncredited)
  6. Kester, Lauren (accounting clerk)
  7. Kyle, Melissa (production assistant)
  8. Macready, Kristyn (assistant to producer)
  9. Means, Sam (II) (story editor)
  10. O'Brien, Kerry (III) (production assistant)
  11. Phillips, Alexander (II) (payroll assistant)
  12. Riley, Amanda (V) (production assistant)
  13. Wigfield, Tracey (executive story editor)
  14. Williams, Joshua (III) (production assistant)


Kenneth Parcell: Look at us laughing together, like a couple of Jews watching The Daily Show.

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Silvercup Studios East, Long Island City, Queens, New York City, New York, USA - (studio)