"30 Rock" (2006) {Queen of Jordan (#5.17)} TV Season

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Overview "30 Rock" Season 05 Episode 17 (S05E17)


(Hollywood) USA

Ratings / Votes
7.2/ 10 (267 Votes)

MPAA Ratings

Production Company
Broadway Video [us]
Little Stranger [us]
Universal Media Studios (UMS) [us]

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(USA) - 17 March 2011
(Germany) - 26 February 2012

Running Time
USA:21 (excluding commercials)



Technical Support
RAT:1.78 : 1

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Full Cast

  1. Adsit, Scott as [Pete Hornberger] <5>
  2. Baldwin, Alec as [Jack Donaghy] <7>
  3. Bellamy, Brad as [Charles] <17>
  4. Brown, Kevin (I) as [Dot Com] <8>
  5. Burgess, Tituss as [D'Fwan] <13>
  6. Chapman, Grizz as [Grizz] <9>
  7. Friedlander, Judah as [Frank Rossitano] <6>
  8. Kaine, Jaiden as [Angie's friend]
  9. McBrayer, Jack as [Kenneth Parcell] <4>
  10. Morgan, Tracy (II) as [Tracy Jordan] <2>
  11. Powell, Keith (II) as [Toofer] <10>
  12. Roddy, Buzz as [Manager] <19>
  13. Sykes, Ephraim as [Michael] <16>
  14. Angela, Moya as [Portia] <15>
  15. Bauleo, Sandra as [Psychic] <18>
  16. Fey, Tina as [Liz Lemon] <1>
  17. Krakowski, Jane as [Jenna Maroney] <3>
  18. Leggett Chase, Paula as [Randi] <14>
  19. Matthews, Charisse as (uncredited) [D'Fwan's Assistant]
  20. Sarandon, Susan as [Lynn Onkman] <12>
  21. Shepherd, Sherri as [Angie Jordan] <11>

Full Plot

Jack puts Liz in charge of an event for Angie in the hopes that she can emotionally manipulate Angie into making an appeal to Tracy. The "Queen of Jordan" cameras bring Jack some embarrassment while leaving Jenna starved for attention. A lost love returns to Frank's life, causing him to question his maturity. NBC Publicity Plot not found

Music Composers

  1. Vulcano, Giancarlo


  1. Lang, Calen


National Broadcasting Company (NBC) [us] - (2011) (USA) (TV)

Film Editors

  1. Eluto, Ken


  1. Adams, Liz (V) (production assistant)
  2. Bernardone, Nick (script clearance coordinator)
  3. Bernstein, Matthew (I) (assistant location manager)
  4. Berrios, Laura Lynn (stand-in/photo double) (uncredited)
  5. Bowling, Johnathan (set production assistant)
  6. Brown, Stiv (production assistant)
  7. Carusiello, Marc (production assistant)
  8. Damico, Emily (second assistant accountant) (uncredited)
  9. Ershow, Devin (production intern) (uncredited)
  10. Gardner, Jonathan (II) (set production assistant)
  11. Haller, Jon (I) (assistant to writers)
  12. Honig, Jake (production intern)
  13. Macready, Kristyn (assistant to producer)
  14. McGonigle, Philip (location assistant) (uncredited)
  15. Phillips, Alexander (II) (accounting clerk)
  16. Pizzimenti, Michelle (second assistant accountant) (uncredited)
  17. Soltys, Andrew (production intern)
  18. Williams, Joshua (III) (production assistant)


Jack Donaghy: There is nothing gay about the Princeton fight song. "Oh the merry men of Princeton are charging up the rear, holding all the balls" - okay, I hear it now.

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Silvercup Studios East, Long Island City, Queens, New York City, New York, USA - (studio)


- The website is real: it contains updates from "Jenna's assistant".