"30 Rock" (2006) {Sun Tea (#4.6)} TV Season

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Overview "30 Rock" Season 04 Episode 06 (S04E06)



Ratings / Votes
7.7/ 10 (217 Votes)

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Production Company
Broadway Video [us]
Little Stranger [us]
Universal Media Studios (UMS) [us]

Production Designer

All Producers

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Release Date
(USA) - 19 November 2009
(Australia) - 8 March 2010
(Germany) - 9 January 2011
(Finland) - 10 April 2012

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Full Cast

  1. Adsit, Scott as (credit only) [Pete Hornberger] <5>
  2. Baldwin, Alec as [Jack Donaghy] <7>
  3. Brown, Kevin (I) as [Dot Com] <10>
  4. Chapman, Grizz as [Grizz] <11>
  5. Corddry, Nathan as (as Nate Corddry) [Brian] <15>
  6. Friedlander, Judah as [Frank Rossitano] <6>
  7. Gore, Al (I) as [Himself] <12>
  8. McBrayer, Jack as [Kenneth Parcell] <4>
  9. Morgan, Tracy (II) as [Tracy Jordan] <2>
  10. Parnell, Chris (I) as [Dr. Leo Spaceman] <13>
  11. Powell, Keith (II) as [Toofer] <9>
  12. Thompson, Bobb e J. as [Tracy Jr.] <14>
  13. Torn, Tony as [Bertram Geiss] <17>
  14. Watkinson, Ryan as [Buff Guy] <21>
  15. Blake, Maya N. as (uncredited) [Yohanna]
  16. Bowden, Katrina as (credit only) [Cerie] <8>
  17. Darke, Rebecca as [Mrs. Gerstein] <20>
  18. Fey, Tina as [Liz Lemon] <1>
  19. Galloway, Sue as [Sue] <18>
  20. Hugot, Marceline as [Kathy Geiss] <16>
  21. Krakowski, Jane as [Jenna Maroney] <3>
  22. McGee, Kristin as [Exercise Woman] <22>
  23. Reiner, Alysia as [Real Estate Agent] <19>

Full Plot

When Liz's apartment building is converted to condos she has to make a drastic change to her living arrangements. Meanwhile, Jack and Tracy reevaluate their plans for parenthood and Kenneth is on a mission to make "TGS" greener during NBC's annual "Green Week." NBC Publicity Plot not found

Total Business

CP: Copyright 2009 NBC Studios, Inc. All rights reserved.

Music Composers

  1. Richmond, Jeff (II)


  1. Clark, Matthew (II) (director of photography)


Canal+ [se] - (2010) (Non-USA) (TV) (Scandinavia)
National Broadcasting Company (NBC) [us] - (2009) (USA) (TV)

Film Editors

  1. Reticker, Meg


  1. Adams, Liz (V) (production assistant) (uncredited)
  2. Alfieri, Rich (caterer)
  3. Bernardone, Nick (production assistant) (uncredited)
  4. Berrios, Laura Lynn (stand-in/photo double) (uncredited)
  5. Best, James (V) (production assistant)
  6. Ceraulo, Tom (script coordinator)
  7. Clark, Amyjoy (payroll accountant) (uncredited)
  8. Coker, James (production assistant) (uncredited)
  9. Cowan, Brit (production assistant)
  10. Cowperthwaite, Claire (script supervisor)
  11. D'Apice, Angela (craft service)
  12. Gardner, Jonathan (II) (production assistant)
  13. Gardner, Jonathan (II) (set production assistant)
  14. George, Chris (V) (location manager)
  15. Haller, Jon (I) (writers assistant)
  16. Judson, Todd (production coordinator)
  17. Lapham, Harry (II) (production assistant) (uncredited)
  18. Macready, Kristyn (production assistant) (uncredited)
  19. Marlin, Keith (key set production assistant) (uncredited)
  20. McGovern, Andrew (I) (accounting clerk) (uncredited)
  21. Merola, Audra (craft service)
  22. Neveu, Elizabeth (I) (production assistant) (uncredited)
  23. Parker, Mark J. (stand-in: Jack McBrayer) (uncredited)
  24. Phillips, Becky (production assistant) (uncredited)
  25. Piazza, Jacklyn (craft service) (as Jaclyn Piazza)
  26. Pizzimenti, Michelle (second assistant accountant) (uncredited)
  27. Rhodes, Jennalee (production assistant)
  28. Rudolph, Matt (II) (production accountant)
  29. Russell, Kelsi (production secretary)
  30. Taylor, Adam (II) (first assistant accountant) (uncredited)
  31. Williams, Joshua (III) (production assistant) (uncredited)


Dr. Leo Spaceman: Now this is surgery, so don't eat anything before you come in. Because I'll have a big breakfast waiting for you. Frank Rossitano: Hey, Tracy! Now you can tell me your filthy strip club story. Tracy Jordan: Frank, I'm gonna have a daughter and I would never tell that story. It's demeaning to women. Especially if they had their boobies sneezed on by a tiger. Jack Donaghy: Tracy Jr. made you an acrostic. Tracy Jordan: Well I hope he makes me an 'across helmet so I don't get hurt playin' 'across.

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Silvercup Studios - 4222 22nd Street, Long Island City, Queens, New York City, New York, USA


- SPOILER: 'Al Gore (I)' (qv) also appears as himself in _"30 Rock" (2006) {Greenzo (#2.5)}_ (qv) during NBC's first Green Week in 2007. Also, the quote "A whale is in trouble! I have to go." is said by him in the earlier episode.

- This episode aired during NBC's third Green Week (the first was in 2007).

- 'Nathan Corddry' (qv) had appeared in _"Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip" (2006)_ (qv), NBC's other _"Saturday Night Live" (1975)_ (qv)-inspired scripted TV show.