31 días (2013) Movie

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5.1/ 10 (24 Votes)

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Production Company
Academia de Cine de Guadalajara (ACINEG) [mx] - (in association with)
Goliat Films [mx]
Instituto de Tecnología de Información de Jalisco (IJALTI ) [mx] - (in association with)

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(Mexico) - 11 January 2013

Running Time

Till the contract do us part.

book, contract, photographer, psychologist, seduction,

Technical Support
CAM:Red One Camera

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Full Cast

  1. Agnesi, Alberto as [Ruben] <7>
  2. Amezcua Serrano, Victor Arturo as [Hombre Pareja 1] <10>
  3. Balducci, Lorenzo as [Adam di Melo] <2>
  4. Cohen, Diego as [Hombre Pareja 3] <14>
  5. Gaona, Jose Antonio as [Pato] <4>
  6. González Camacho, Agni Ibrahim as [Guardia de Seguridad] <26>
  7. Gorbea, Oscar as [Oscar the dog] <22>
  8. Hoeflich de la Torre, Carlos Hugo as [Hombre Pareja 4] <16>
  9. Mira, Pedro (II) as [Mikela] <8>
  10. Montes Zavala, Mario Norberto as [Taxista] <25>
  11. Roder, Francesco as [Omar] <27>
  12. Torres Menchaca, Alejandro as [Hombre Pareja 2] <12>
  13. Zamarripa, Roberto as [El Vecino] <21>
  14. Calzada, Gloria as [Herself] <17>
  15. Caravallo, Magdalena as [Juliana] <6>
  16. Castillo, Irán as [Eva Sagarrondo] <1>
  17. Duval, Consuelo as [Herself] <20>
  18. Farga, Erendira as [Mujer Pareja 3] <13>
  19. Gollas, Alejandra as [Silvia] <3>
  20. González Valencia, Ivette as [Mujer Pareja 1] <9>
  21. Gorbea, Mónica as [Mujer Pareja 2] <11>
  22. Gómez Ibarra, Maria Lourdes as [Maquillista] <24>
  23. Hernàndez Mayoral, Lupita as [P.A.] <23>
  24. Lascuráin, Isabel as [Herself] <18>
  25. Medina Amezcua, Martina as [Mujer Pareja 4] <15>
  26. Souza, Karla as [Mayra] <5>
  27. Zetina, Luz María as [Herself] <19>


  1. Comedy
  2. Romance

Full Plot

31 Dias (31 Days) is the story of Eva (Irn Castillo), a young and beautiful psychologist and author of a series of self-help books about modern women and their love relationships. For her next bestseller she has decided to prove her most daring theory: After the first 30 days together love ends, so the only way to have a meaningful relationship in this new millennium is to for the couple to part ways after the first month. At a magazine's photo session Eva meets Adam (Lorenzo Balducci), an attractive Italian photographer, and she decides he's perfect as her study subject. She will live a very intense relationship with Adam during 31 days, in order to prove her theory is right. However, what she is not aware of is that Adam is using all her own advice from her books in order to make her fall in love with him and teach her a lesson. What neither of them suspects is that they'll come to learn that love has no rules. 31 Dias Eva is a psychologist willing to prove that real love last no longer than 30 days. When she meets Adam, an attractive Italian photographer, they both agree to live a very intense one-month relationship in order to prove her theory is right. 31 Dias Plot not found

Total Business

SD: 30 August 2010 - 8 October 2010


  1. Martin, Stephanie (I)

Dress Designers

  1. Hernández Muguiro, Majo

Film Editors

  1. Cohen, Diego


  1. Aceves, Eduardo (assistant location manager)
  2. Alvarado, Alexandra (II) (caterer)
  3. Concevida Nuño, Martin (caterer)
  4. Efren, Omar (caterer)
  5. Halphen, Alberto (production lawyer: Goliat Films)
  6. Keefe, Andrew (II) (photographs: Adam's portfolio)
  7. Niño, Ricardo (ANDA business representative)
  8. Novelo, Veronica (script supervisor)
  9. Orrico, Lourdes (production lawyer: Goliat Films)
  10. Palencia, Rodrigo (location manager)
  11. Palomino Paredes, Farah (production coordinator)
  12. Pineda, Daniel (IV) (production assistant: Mexico City)
  13. Prieto, Javier (II) (set production assistant)
  14. Romero, Jennifer (office production assistant)
  15. Salinas, Luis (VI) (ANDA business representative)
  16. San Esteban, Mariana (location manager: Mexico City)
  17. San Esteban, Mariana (production coordinator: Mexico City)
  18. Siller, Jorge (photographs: Adam's portfolio)
  19. Spaziani, Vanessa (photographs: Adam's portfolio)
  20. Styger, Karen (production assistant)
  21. Torres Menchaca, Alejandro (production assistant)
  22. Villaruel Lopez, Rodrigo (production assistant)
  23. Zamarripa, Roberto (assistant production coordinator)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico - (Chapala Media Park Studios)
  2. Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
  3. Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico


- Italian actor 'Lorenzo Balducci' (qv) was cast at the very last minute. He had just one day to read the script and give his agreement.

- 'Irán Castillo' (qv) had to commute from Guadalajara to Mexico City every weekend during the filming since she was also appearing as Dorothy in "El Mago de Oz 2010" stage production.

- Principal photography for _31 días (2013)_ (qv) actually lasted 31 days in Guadalajara, Mexico. Three more days of shooting took place in Mexico City.