4-Bidden (2011) {{SUSPENDED}} Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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A. Swashbuckler Films [us]
Po' Boy Productions [us]

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Release Date
(USA) - 2011

Running Time

America's #1R&B Group is about to get "Rocked"

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Technical Support
CAM:Panavision Cameras and Lenses
CAM:Red One Camera

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Full Cast

  1. Cedeño, Matt as [Nico Vega]
  2. Herranz, Ricardo as [Cruz]
  3. Jackson, Stoney (I) as [Mac]
  4. McKay, Anthony (I) as (as Antonio McKay) [Jessie]
  5. Pearl, David (III) as [Edward Whitaker]
  6. Roberts, Eric (I) as [Roman Tobias]
  7. Williamson, Fred as [Lucian Silque]
  8. Alves, Camila (I) as [Cheyanne]
  9. Aytes, Rochelle as [Jordan]
  10. Burrill, Amanda as [Yuko]
  11. Givens, Robin as [Samantha Torres]
  12. Golomb, Cazzy as [Susan Wu]
  13. Hiraizumi, Gina as [Devon]
  14. Reyes, Alisa as [Sydney]
  15. Rosenbaum, Anna as [Ginger Reynolds]
  16. Soto, Salina (I) as [Nya]
  17. Williams, Clenique as [Amber]
  18. Ziering, Nikki as [Anastasia]


  1. Thriller

Full Plot

A beautiful young singer is found dead.Murder or suicide?The suspects include world famous record producers Roman and Jordan Tobias,Thier handsome right hand man, the singer,s anguished boyfriend and a sexy photographer who is not who he seems to be The answer to this mystery reveals a game that is not only dangerous but fatal. Antonio Mckay Enter the world of Roman and Jordan Tobias scions of Silque Industries and the genius behind the spectacular success of America's hottest girl group consisting of five talented and beautiful, young multicultural women... 4bidden!New Year's Eve 2010, the lead singer of 4bidden is found dead in her apartment. Silque Record's stars are now the talk of the country. The group is shocked to discover that Roman has designated the hard Rocker "Anastasia" as their new lead singer. Equally thrown by this development are Jordan and Myles Farrell, the dynamic young writer/record producer, who not only formed and developed 4Bidden, but who is romantically involved for the second time with one of its members. Who is Anastasia? A one-time stripper turned con artist who has used her spellbinding looks and razor sharp wit to fashion a remarkably profitable career in Europe on the wrong side of the law. After one of her scams goes sour, she returns to the U.S. and is reinvented as a singer/dancer who soon finds herself not only as Roman's newest discovery but as his lover as well... These developments exacerbate the already unstable marriage of Roman and Jordan and it's not long before she also takes a lover, the deadlocked photographer Jessie St. John, whose charming smile and devil-may-care confidence mask his own shady past as well as his surprising plan of revenge on the man he believes is responsible for his own tragic loss. Adding to the intrigue is the attraction between Anastasia and Jessie, who, thanks to their own unresolved history and unabashed chemistry are inevitably and dangerously driven into each other's arms. The cat and mouse games continue and the playing field becomes even more treacherous when yet another death hit's the R & B group and a pair of suspicious detectives put their own theories into action. The climax of all of this takes place at the Tobias mansion on their 5th wedding anniversary. Here, lies are exposed, betrayals are revealed, death is imminent... Antonio McKay Plot not found

Total Business

CP: Antonio Mckay aka Anthony McLaughlin, Copyright # PAu3-042-325 PD: 20 July 2010 - ? SD: 20 April 2010 - ?


  1. Kufrin, Ben


905 Entertainment [us]

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
  2. Los Angeles, California, USA